Rubio Furious Over Bush Super PAC Ad Mocking His Boots

Breitbart: Political consultant Mike Murphy’s Pro-Jeb Super PAC released an ad today hitting the freshman senator for his fancy boots – and his political record.

marco rubio fancy shiny boots

In a video titled “Boots,” the Right To Rise Super PAC highlights Rubio’s record on Syria, Immigration, Cap-And-Trade, and Iran as a man wearing fancy boots struts across the screen to the tune of Nancy Sinatra’s “Boots” song.  MORE

SNIP: Jeb!, Marco. We need to talk.

1. On immigration? Pot meet kettle. You both suck.

2. Jeb!, the video was lame. The entire thing looked like a free-spin bonus on a slot machine.
For all I know, your mom could have been holding the camera and that was you dancing in those girly boots trying to save some dough.

3. Marco, you have no right to be mad. Jeb! wins the boot argument. Those boots are a little too shiny/girly for a grown man, sug.

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  1. Second debate in the lineup for group photo JEB! was so high on his tippy toes with chest stuck out or gut pulled in trying to look tall thought he might fall over.

  2. I’m so relieved the GOPE has fielded not one, but two candidates of such maturity and understanding of the grave priorities facing our nation. . . or not.

  3. If you’re going to wear Beatles boots do it right and wear a suit with them like they did. Otherwise you just look like a sissy.

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