House Passes Jody Hice, Joni Ernst’s ‘Presidential Perks’ Bill

Breitbart– The House passed a bill spearheaded by Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) that limits a president’s post-office taxpayer-funded perks.

The House passed by voice vote Rep. Jody Hice’s (R-GA) legislation, H.R. 1496, the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act of 2019, Wednesday, sending the bill to the Senate.

The legislation would put limits on taxpayer-funded benefits for former U.S. presidents, which include their travel, personal staff, office space, and communications after they leave office. The bill would put a president’s pension at $200,000 per year.

Rep. Hice said he was “thrilled the House took an important step to reform this outdated pension and ensure responsible use of taxpayer money.” read more

15 Comments on House Passes Jody Hice, Joni Ernst’s ‘Presidential Perks’ Bill

  1. But…but but but but….if if if if if…I I I I I Me Me Me Me…

    Pass this….Uh…Uh …Uh..Okey Doke…The People will suffer…

  2. “which include their travel, personal staff, office space, and communications after they leave office.” What about congress????

  3. I have been urging my elected representatives to do this for years. All I got was silence! Push your elected dirtbags hard to ensure that this is done!

  4. Perry’s right, what about their perks?
    An the despicable Joni Earnst did it as a swipe at Trump and too stupid to realize he could care less about the post presidency perks.

  5. I would go a step farther. Every dollar they make from speaking fees, or book deals, or other dubious money laundering schemes, should be paid back to the treasury until their pension is reimbursed.

  6. I wouldn’t have any problem with this if it was made retroactive, but it looks like a swipe at President Trump.

    It’s funny though that they never pass any laws limiting their perks.

  7. Why stop there – how about going after some Congressional perks too. They all get filthy rich during their stint or make connections to do so on K Street afterwards so why do they need anything after they leave.

  8. Silly me, I thought the idea was to serve one’s country not get rich from it.
    Many of the so called public servants go into these positions with a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank and come out with millions. They get the best health care and endless job opportunities when they leave office. Some even get huge perks from the Ukraine and China.
    On the other hand, if they get an audit every year and no pension they won’t hang around for 50 years as a criminal enterprise.


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