House Republicans Overwhelmingly Vote To Leave Liz Cheney In Leadership – IOTW Report

House Republicans Overwhelmingly Vote To Leave Liz Cheney In Leadership


A complete hot mess… The MAGA movement has a lot of work ahead.

House republican representatives voted 145-61 to keep Liz Cheney in power as the #3 in the leadership position within the House GOP.  Only 61 House republicans voted to remove her. More

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  1. The same bastards are still running everything and now the fake president is appointing even worse bastards to destroy what the old bastards couldn’t.

  2. We are so fucked I can’t even believe it. A secret ballot, what a crock of shit!

  3. That means that for every 8 conservative reps there are at least 19 RINOs. That seems about right correct, dammit.

  4. If you think GWB is not the Meister Puppenspieler pulling the strings?


    The Rove/Bush team has been anti Don for 6 years. They told us VOTE CLINTON 5years back. They all congratulated Joe election night – when only the far left was sure he’d win!
    For 2 months they have all said the election was , “on the up and up”!

    Their puppets had not choice but do the Bush dance and back her!

  5. When will Conservatives learn, Republicans are not your friends!

    If you claim to be a Conservative and are still a registered Republican, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. You know why they did this? Because the GOP elites who come out and trash Trump are also telling the GOP members not to expell anyone because we have to stick together. lolol.

  7. That’s 145 Reps that need to be voted out!
    Useless bastards!

  8. I am sick with worry. How in the fuck did this happen? I cannot believe how many RINOs are in the House. Who are they trying to shit with this secret bullshit vote? What is wrong with these assholes? I really never called myself a Republican, I always call myself a strong Conservative.

  9. But here is the deal. They are betting that in two years time, during the midterm elections, we will have forgotten about this. The mantra will then be that the republicans must take back congress. Wash rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

  10. House. Senate. No diff. An alleged conservative Sen. Johnson R WI voted to confirm fag ass Buttplug the other day. MAGA has only one course to chart.

  11. How’s that saying go about doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results?

    I’ve written my R rep in AR-1 and told him if he runs as an R without a Trump endorsement, I’m voting for the dem. I am done with this party, they sure as fuck aren’t representing me.

    Seriously, could things be any worse? I mean they are going to continue to worsen but the die is cast. The bills coming down the pike are going to embed fraudulent elections, end what’s left of free speech and begin the final push to confiscation.

    And that’s with an almost 50/50 split in Congress so ask yourself, just what GD good is this R party doing. When we gave them solid majorities, they fucking ran out the clock. Now we get to see how a party uses power when they get it.

  12. Perhaps some good old fashioned arm-twisting, horse-trading was involved. Greene stays if Cheney stays?

  13. Marjorie Taylor Green should be worried. These same RINOs will likely abandon her.

  14. Was typing out a post when my computer was pushed off the highway.

    That’s ok, “elected” Communist US Grubermint. You’ll never take me alive.

  15. Oh, but it would be a waste of time to start a new party. We need to fix the Republican Party. Yeah, right. The only thing they want us for is our money. They really don’t give a flying crap what we say.

  16. Time for all GoPissers to go…
    They love to kiss Jack Asses.

  17. She may be popular in the House, but she aint’ popular back at home.
    Her leadership is the last thing she should be worried about.

  18. Remember that we still have recall power to get rid of our elected enemies. Gavin Newsom is about to be thrown out of California thanks to the voters. The whole country can get on board and recall all of them.

    Laws must be rewritten to protect the citizens from representatives who
    pretend to support values of one party then change to the opposite.
    This is fraud, and it must be addressed.

    Something has to give, or the criminals in office will continue to serve themselves at our expense.

  19. Russia is bad because of Putin and the KGB…..

    So what does that make the US……

    because of the Bushes and the CIA…..?

    Remember……WE WENT THERE…..FIRST.

  20. Obviously they do not care about fundraising.

  21. They don’t need us proles.
    The votes don’t matter, anyway.
    They’re attempting to maintain a pretense of a “two” Party system.
    If America decides she wants to survive, it’s just gonna be a tougher row to hoe.

    Guess we have more names to add to the list …

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. Maybe Lizzie’s daddy Dick still caries a big stick in the swamp.

  23. Party on Wayne…Party on Garth…


    Ahem…new party, anyone?

  24. AC:

    If you claim to be a Conservative and are still a registered Republican, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Wrong. There are plenty of good reasons to be a registered Republican for local and state partisan elections. My single voice has more influence on who goes to my state legislature than to DC, and even more than that about who is on my county commission. Although most of the national Repugnicans make me want to vomin, most of my local ones do not, and that makes remaining a registered Rep. worthwhile.

  25. Unky, there are no spelling Nazis here! I didn’t even notess the typoo.

  26. @Zonga — Thank you! But there is one person here who really does notice my typos: myself.

  27. If you can, run for a local office as a republican. Get other conservatives to do the same. Take back the party from the bottom up. I’m trying to do my part. I’m a township trustee and my precinct’s committeeman. I may run for county board in two years and would consider running for state rep after that, but my current state rep is a solid conservative.

  28. The Republicans need to experience extinction level degrees of hurt before they’re ever going to change. They need to lose elections and financial support on a biblical scale. They need to learn that they can’t simply fuck over their base and then continue to count on their support.

    Stop voting for Republican candidates. Stop sending the Republicans money. Change your registration to Independent. I’m not going to support Trump’s apparent truce with them, either — no kiss and make up with these two-faced back-stabbing mother-fuckers who are only watered-down versions of Democrats anyways. No more voting for the lesser of two evils. If I were Trump, I’d’ve sent McCarthy’s horse back to the G.O.P. with McCarthy’s head in one of the saddle-bags as my answer.

    And if Trump isn’t going to build a third party — a Constitutionalist or Patriot Party — then we need to.

  29. @ BuzzD “I am sick with worry. How in the fuck did this happen?”

    Same way it did after the 2008 cleansing and the 2010 rise of the TEA Party. We treated them like stars and they treated us like fans.

  30. I will bet that House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Gumbo) voted to keep Cheney in place.

    He has the backbone of an al dente strand of spaghetti. Damn RINO. I can’t wait to see someone primary him. He needs gone.

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