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Housing About To Get A Lot Worse For California

This week the legislature of California passed rent control for the entire state. Governor Newsom has vowed to sign the bill. This will guarantee fewer rental units built, rental properties allowed to rundown and more homeless on the streets. Watch 

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  1. Why not? It worked it the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics. It’s working in Cuba. It’s working in Venezuela. It’s working in North Korea. It will work just as well in the uneducable State of California.

  2. Calif had rent control back in the 60’s and 70’s and it was stupid then. My grandparents rented out a house and had to rent to whatever low life applied. And there were a lot of low lifes.

  3. …I am becoming more and more convinced that something I read here, I think by Uncle Al, is the game they’re REALLY playing. They are TRYING to make CA as terrible, expensive, and miserable as possible to MAKE people leave. The reason they WANT them to is that they KNOW that the people leaving have been well-indoctrinated in the Liberal Way, and like a Guatemalan or a Somali, will bring the ways WITH them that caused their downfall in the FIRST place, and force them on the NEW place they move. Of COURSE the place they move will be a place that ISN’T as terribly run as the place they LEFT…and that would be a RED state.

    …then, like a cancer metastasizing, they will, some accidentally, some deliberately, try to reform the Red state politics to match the Blue ones they are SOO acclimatized to, either not knowing or not caring that these are the seeds of their own exodus. The new state gets tied up in PC knots, the refugee Californians start running for office there, and a new Blue state is born.

    …I know, you can’t paint ALL Californians with the same brush, and we have MANY examples of SANE Californians here, Left Coast Dan comes to mind, but THESE are NOT the folks they will drive out. They will drive out people from the hives, from the clusters, from the destroyed cities, and – as President Trump said about Southern nations – “They aren’t sending their best”.

    The CA Communist do not care what effect that has, short term, on their State. They are not there to do the job they were ELECTED to do, they are there to do the job that the Communist elite PUT them to do, which is to destroy, to wreck, to pull down, to spread chaos and destruction, until the Nation is overwhelmed by it…and then the State can take “emergency” powers to “fix the mess” THEY MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Rights are suspended, guns are seized, dissenters are jailed, then executed, and a new Communist nation comes into being over the corpse of America.

    …THAT would seem to the their LONG game. It doesn’t make sense any other way…

  4. Bottom line is you no longer own and have control over your property. They fix how much you can charge while simultaneously tax your ass off for owning it. Win win for the socialists and a big screw you to the property owner. This will not work out well.

  5. joe6pak
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 AT 2:10 PM
    “Why do liberals hate America?”

    …they hate ANY men who will not be ruled by them. America is just one of the last bastions of of such peoples, and the Last Remnant that remembers what freedom IS…

  6. Austin. Tx is being turned into a tent city. Houston PD will at least go in an rattle their tents and bring in a bulldozer to gather up trash. Support giving these tent cities that a bulldozer will be coming in the next 30 days to clear any these tent cities.

  7. One thing I can truthfully say is the tent cities are not occupied by Hispanics typically. Hispanics will pack as many residents in a small apartment or house as is possible. The tent areas are occupied by white and black alcoholics and drug abusers. I try to distribute food to them from time to time. Pitiful lot. Never see Muslims, Indians or Asians. I live in Central Houston. I’m not observing large tent cities as found on the West Coast. Fortunately, the Californians like Austin better. SO far.

  8. @Katdog: Why do you enable the homeless? If you keep feeding a stray cat, the cat will never go away. I don’t give the homeless anything – not when they crap and piss in the street where I walk. As for rent control, I wouldn’t want to be a renter or the landowner. For the renter, you may as well be homeless. For the land owner, let the bank take it back because you’ve been royally screwed. I hope any landlord that’s a Democrat and voted Democrat, tsk, tsk, you’re going to be screwed and rewarded for what you voted for. LMAO at you. It’s delicious.

  9. Fyi, I don’t believe in zoning, rent control and only very limited control by government on private property. You obviously have had some of bad experience. I’VE Managed residential properties, but most of my experience is valuing income producing commercial properties. YOU SHOULD MOVE OUT OF WHATEVER crap PLACE YOU LIVE.


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