Hoveround Accused of Overbilling HHS by $27 Mil

The ads claimed that they could get their customers a power chair for “pennies” with Medicare picking up the rest. Now the Inspector General for Health and Human Services has declared that 85 percent of those who received Medicare assistance to purchase a Hoveround were never really qualified to have one.



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  1. When we were still hoping Mrs. Mxyzptlk was going to be able to come home from the hospital, I looked into getting a stairlift so she could get up and down the stairs. Oh, no, Medicare will not pay for anything like that because it attaches to the house, but they would be glad to supply us with a motorized scooter. I asked the vendor what the hell good was that going to do in a tri-level house? He said, we could use it on one floor! And it would cost us next to nothing. We passed on the idea.

  2. As I read the story, my impression is that the damned government is saying they paid all this crap to people who didn’t qualify…but they didn’t catch it until years later so NOW they’re blaming the company that sold ’em. And this is the same damned government that thinks they can vet muslimes?

  3. “… 85 percent of those ……..were never really qualified to have one.”

    ….as opposed to what?…..the rest of the Federal Government programs?

    The Enemy that is most lethal to the citizens of this country is not foreign, it’s our own government.

  4. These are the same fuckers who refused to approve a scooter for my patient who was a WWII veteran, getting weaker with walking; physical therapy and I both recommending a scooter to get to the facility dining room. They said he could have a wheelchair. They probably billed for a scooter and pocketed the difference.

    Yes, I’m bitter.

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