How a church defends itself against the Left

AbigailAdams’ comment on another post:

I sent this around to a couple of IOTW friends via email this week, saying that I hesitated to send it because of the length of the video.

But here’s the deal: Well-known and respected leaders of the Christian church across America have been working on this problem since 2016. Pastor Che Ahn, a CA minister and two others spearheaded the lawsuit against Gavin Newsom’s bigoted China Virus rules against the church. They lost against the District judge and now it’s in the 9th Circuit, probably making its way to the SCOTUS. The lying media have worked overtime to suppress news of the body of Christ’s efforts — but the work goes on.

In the video I linked is Che and Lance Wallnau giving a presentation of their “Chaos” tour; laying down the gauntlet and giving them their marching orders among their own sphere’s of influence — most importantly, in their own congregations and towns/cities. The bottom line is: A vote for Democrats is a vote for the devil. No more lipstick on the pig. You can’t call yourself a Christian if you vote for abortion, socialism, etc. This movement has become so widely known at this point that if you’re a Democrat Christian, woe unto you. Everyone knows what you really are, now.

As I wrote to my IOTW friends: Prepare to have your mind blown with this video. That’s all I’ll say. If you’re interested in what the church is doing about the Left right now, it’s well worth your time.

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  1. I will watch the video….Sadly, as a Catholic, I have anti-Pope Frank leading the flock. I finally stopped my charitable giving to our parish. I had been giving because my parish is traditional and I admire the Pastor. 2 weeks ago the homily from another (not young) priest was a veiled endorsement of Biden. And the final blow to my confidence is staying in the pews,, news of Frank’s view of homosexual relationships reached me and I am beside myself.

    As a Catholic, I truly believe in participating in my salvation through the Sacraments. If you aren’t Catholic, it’s hard to understand why the faithful struggle to leave the Church.

  2. erb, you are not alone. I’m not Catholic, but I also struggled with leaving my church.

    Seven years ago, I had to leave my wonderful church in MN. It was a strong, Bible believing, Spirit filled, teaching church at the beginning. Then we had a change in pastors and it slowly became a social club. The final reason that made my decision to leave the church was when my mentor and friend started a program that I knew to be heresy.

    I warned him, discussed it until “blue in the face” and eventually wrote an essay as to why it was heresy. I sent it to the pastor and elders (my friend was an elder) and when I heard nothing back from them, left the church.

    When I moved to MI, I found another strong Bible believing, Spirit filled, teaching church.

    I have bookmarked the video and will watch it tonight. Thanks AA.

  3. Most of you recognize my posting name and in some circles I am persona non-grata due to my anti-UCC (United Church of Christ) activities 20 years ago when I became a vocal critic and preacher against the secular/pro-homosexual activities and teachings of the church. Sadly the experience hardened and changed me to where I became viewed as (as they labelled me) a divisive and hard-core uncompromising person who would rather tear apart the body of Christ than build it.

    I lost friends and at least 1 church in preaching the Gospel as the Bible is written and inspired by God. And some may say it lead me to becoming a bitter, physically disabled, and angry man.

    But there isn’t anything I would take back or change as I know a few people heard the truth and are closer to God for my actions. I have no reservations in commending these leaders, albeit somewhat late in the game, to finally discover and teach God’s word.

    “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.” (Matthew 10:34-36)

    “Enter through the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad the way leading to destruction, and many are those entering through it. New American Standard Bible James 7: 13

    Friends the Bible is true – It has a beginning and an end – your and my story is in the middle.

  4. There are pastors and then there are hirelings. Know the difference. A pastor stands by the sheep and hears the voice of God.

  5. Though my my work I have meet many pastors in 30+ years. To many gave me the impression that they were ministers, to avoid real work. One spoke at my father’s funeral and turned it into a Jesus commercial, how everyone should be giving more money to the “church”.
    I’m a believer in “Wherever two are more are gathered in his name”.
    My response now is, “It’s better to be in the boat thinking about Jesus, than sitting in church thinking about fishing”.

  6. I will bookmark the video and watch it. Thanks!
    The left and Satan (same thing) hate Christianity, period, whatever denomination. Don’t give up on God because He will never give up on you.

  7. erb,
    To paraphrase Ann Barnhardt: we don’t abandon our spouse because she (he) has cancer.
    Our Church – our Holy Catholic Church – is NOT a building – is NOT the Pope – is NOT the Pageantry, is NOT the donations, is NOT the rich vestments, is NOT the solemn procession, is NOT the land deals throughout the Third World, is NOT the tax-exemption, is NOT the idolatry.
    It is the descent of Peter. Returning to Rome to be crucified so that Jesus doesn’t have to suffer for us again. It is shining His Light on the path to Resurrection.
    Sorry to get carried away.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. GA Native
    “The left and Satan (same thing) hate Christianity”
    For true socialism to exist, the peasants need to believe that those in power ARE the deities. There isn’t any room for hope or belief in anything other than that. China is in the process of writing their own “Holy Scriptures”, to promote that.
    Erasing history is part of that as well. If the Left (Socialism) prevails, I would expect all religions will come under the same attacks as the Boys Scouts.

  9. I watched the entire video and am impressed. Praise the Lord there are churches willing to fight the throngs of Satan. It is time to pray hard for our nation and our President!

  10. Never forget that God relates to us first as individuals. Then we individuals learn to relate to others in relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The church is our manifestation of God on earth of which we (being imperfect) often screw up by allowing our earthly (and physical) needs to determine our courses of action.

    That’s why Jesus came first as a Spiritual King in order to get our souls right first and when He comes agin our bodies will be right.

    Christianity is (was) meant to be simple – you, God, and Jesus getting it right first is necessary before you do “church.” Too many people don’t get the “me and Jesus” part right before doing the “God, you and me” part.”

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said it best when he alluded to the fact that you should be wary about those “who can’t get along with themselves for how will they get along with others?”

    That’s why our shallow society of cancel culture is exactly what Satan wants – people who are focused on others’ behavior regardless of their own.

    Jesus took on the sins of the world so you might have abundant life – believe in Him and live.


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