Kennedy, the Fox News Host, Calls Giuliani “Christopher Steele”

Giuliani incensed, which he should be.

Kennedy is a moron.

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  1. All the while keeping in mind, of course, that ALL tee vee pundits are merely the equivalent of Time Share and vinyl replacement window salesmen, and with the same kinds of staffers.

  2. No she hasn’t seen the report. The stupid bint can’t see anything because her eyes line up with the top of her eyeglass frames. Condescending bitch!

  3. She can’t be a moron!
    She wears glasses … and … and … y’know … that makes girls smot!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Yeah, I never pay attention to people who identify themselves with only one name: Kennedy, Fabio, Sade, Prince etc. Too, anyone with the name “Kennedy” needs to just shut up.

  5. She and Juan Williams must eat lunch alone at their own table at Fox News.

  6. Giuliani has been putting himself before the country. He should have released the entire contents of the hard drive as soon as he was sure he legally could.

    That being said, Kennedy got her ass handed to her.

  7. That’s was brilliant of Giuliani! He shoved it back down her throat so far that she was choking and could only smirk.

    Watch how many times she moves her head like she was slapped! Sue her, Giulani, go for the throat unless she gives a public apology.

  8. She is as annoying as Jessica Tarlov and that’s going some. We’re watching less and less of Faux News as it is and she ain’t helpin the ratings with us.

  9. China owned scrunts have been given their leftist marching orders to protect the Pedo.

    Note the prepared talking point deflections streaming from her piehole.

  10. Why anyone watches Fox News confuses me. Why not just watch CNN, which is already full moonbat, and stop picking around the edges?

  11. FOX news has its own, ‘The View’. lol

    Yeah, she was an MTV vj.
    She’ll probably hang around FOX until someone at Sippy Cupp’s channel offers her more money.

  12. So is she saying that Steele was a fraud, too? Thanks for supporting the push-back against “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

  13. She’s got a YUGE face but her eyes, nose, and mouth are all crammed tight in the middle. Hence, those glasses ain’t foolin’ nobody K.

  14. I’m guessing she had a speech impediment as a child.
    Her mouth don’t act right. Almost as though she has to concentrate to form words.

    I have been wrong before!

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Wow, she really is a moron. I’d given her more credit – and now find myself red-faced after watching that exchange. She’s always been a bit smirky – but this was over the top, and then she kept trying to fix it once Rudy let her have it.

    And don’t get me started on her hair. Did she do it herself?..sure looks like it. And finally, her arms do not go with that dress or top or whatever it was.

  16. Yeah a VJ, a vagina jerk…who the fuck is SHE? An MTV ‘veteran’?

    SORRY ladies of ITOWr…

    She can’t even hold Rudy’s briefcase…


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