More than 80 per cent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients had vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D, also know as THE SUN!


More than 80 per cent of COVID-19 patients at a hospital in Spain had a vitamin D deficiency, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University Hospital Marques de Valdecilla in Santander, Spain looked at the vitamin D levels of 216 patients admitted to hospital for coronavirus treatment between March 10 and March 31.

For the study, the 216 hospitalized patients’ vitamin D levels were compared to those of a control group of 197 people of similar age and sex from a population-based cohort in the same geographical area.

Of the 216 hospitalized patients, 19 who had been taking oral vitamin D supplements for more than three months before their admissions were analyzed as a separate group.

The researchers found that 82 per cent of the hospitalized COVID-19 patients (who were not taking supplements) were vitamin D deficient, while 47 per cent of the control group had the same deficiency.

The study also noted that vitamin D levels were “especially lower” in men with COVID-19 compared to women.


Keep hiding in the basement. That’s a good plan.

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  1. …so? My wife went to the doctor and was told she had a Vitamin D deficiency before any of this crap even STARTED. So did my mother, MIL, SIL, nephew, etc, and ME just last week, and believe me when I tell you that my coward doctor was ABSOLUTELY sure I didn’t have COVID before I was allowed into his holy presence, and even THEN wore 2 masks…it’s from not drinking whole milk (to keep from being Jabba the Hutt, in MY case) and not getting enough sun (I work 10-16 hours a day and I don’t always want to go hiking on my bad knees right after doing so).

    Vitamin D deficiency is not new, and has been pretty widespread for awhile, which is why they started adding it to milk in the FIRST place.

    This is what is known to classical scholars as a “post hoc, ergo prompter hoc” fallacy, where one action is seen as usually following another, so they assume some causative link without any further proof. The example usually presented is “the rooster crowed and the sun rose, therefore the rooster crowing made the sun rise”

    And you’d think doctors would KNOW all this.

    …and they probably DO, but this was NEVER about any flu or health or ANYTHING but hatred of a President they don’t own and his supporters, so we’re probably being merrily led down yet another blind alley for a distraction, or because Bill Hates is lining up some “Vitamin D” shots he’ll want to force us to take, and it will be a complete coincidence when the half of the population he wants dead dies after them, Trump’s fault no doubt…

    …and if you don’t believe THIS one, they’ll have something different NEXT week. This us about control and will NOT go away REGARDLESS of whatever happens in the election. They’ve found they can make us dance, do silly things, cower in fear of the invisible in our holes, even fight each OTHER over enforcement of their flagrantly illegal acts, and that power is JUST TOO SWEET to let GO…

  2. Correlation does not imply causation, it only suggests some further investigation may be needed of the potentially correlated factors.

    How do the lifestyles of the deficient compare with the lifestyles of the non deficient?

    Lifestyle factors may be more of a correlation than vitamin D levels, and those levels might be correlated to various lifestyle factors independent of any correlation to covid infection.

  3. I keep my thyroid hormones suppresses due to a previous cancer and a D suppliment helps prevent osteoporosis from the supression. I take 5000iu daily.

  4. The lockdown is killing more people than the Kung Fu Flu does, we are finding this out the hard way thanks to the Commie Dem’s, not with common sense.

  5. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 8:54 AM
    “Careful SNS, you are starting to sound like a lawyer…if this then that with your Latin references…”

    …sorry, I’m not a lawyer and don’t play one on television, I just like Latin for a few different reasons, one of which is making jokes only Catholics get like “I can beat any sonofabitch in the house at a game a Dominoes Vobiscum”, and another is that Latin gives us the PERFECT theme song for 2020, “O Fortuna”…

    (Translation below)

    “Semper dissolubilis,
    Et velata
    Michi quoque niteris;
    Nunc per ludum
    Dorsum nudum
    Fero tui sceleris.
    Sors salutis
    Et virtutis
    Michi nunc contraria,
    est affectus
    et defectus
    semper in angaria.
    Hac in hora
    Sine mora
    Corde pulsum tangite;
    Quod per sortem
    Sternit fortem,
    Mecum omnes plangite!

    What is the English translation?
    O Fortune,
    like the moon
    you are changeable,
    ever waxing,
    ever waning,
    hateful life
    first oppresses
    and then soothes
    as fancy takes it;
    and power
    it melts them like ice
    fate – monstrous
    and empty,
    you whirling wheel,
    you are malevolent,
    well-being is vain
    and always fades to nothing,
    and veiled
    you plague me too;
    now through the game
    I bring my bare back
    to your villainy
    fate is against me
    in health
    and virtue,
    driven on
    and weighted down,
    always enslaved.
    so at this hour
    without delay
    pluck the vibrating strings;
    since Fate
    strikes down the strong man,
    everyone weep with me!”

    …I came at Latin more from the Church and medicine than law, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a political ipse dixit when I see one…

  6. What if they declared a state emergency pandemic and almost nobody healthy died? Like now?
    When will the people learn there is no news on the news? Only the left’s agenda in lock step with one another.

  7. I never watch the news, including local news, but I was told a family member’s yard was going to be on the news due to the ice storm. I watched it last night and no wonder people gullible people piss themselves and hide under their beds with masks.
    They had all of these Presidents and head administrators of all the big hospitals giving a press conference of how bad it is, the hospitals are going to collapse from all the covid patients. It’s only going to get worse, people need to be responsible and wear a mask and social distance. Then came the health officials for cities stating we had the highest one day death numbers yet.
    They pretty much insinuated it was us rural people causing it, we are the ones not wearing masks, not social distancing, not getting tested and we’re who are overloading the hospitals and making everyone else sick.

    Yeah, I’m still not getting tested, still not wearing a mask and only social distance when I feel like it. I wonder if they’re trying to scare us red staters so we won’t vote?
    Like we’re going to shake in our boots because some hospital administrators who pretty much suck at their jobs and some government health officials hold a press conference looking like idiots in their giant sized masks.

  8. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 8:54 AM
    “Careful SNS, you are starting to sound like a lawyer…if this then that with your Latin references…”

    …also, some things just sound cooler in Latin, like when your doctor writes that your illness was iatrogenic, it makes him feel a LOT better and more important than simply saying that he CAUSED it…

  9. I crack up when I read people on the internet complaining about ingredients (They don’t understand) because they must be dangerous if they never heard of them, or thought of them.

    I was on a site where people were freaking out about vitamins in their chemical names. I WOULD NEVER USE THAT!!! AND YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER!!!11!!
    I mean, you’re already on the internet. Go to a chemical dictionary. Don’t get your info from a site that has products for sale and or annoying pictures of Hollytards.

    Sometimes, people really bother me.

  10. Old Racist White Woman
    OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 9:23 AM
    “…some hospital administrators who pretty much suck at their jobs and some government health officials hold a press conference looking like idiots in their giant sized masks.”

    …it’s all of them now since Barry chased all the good senior docs who weren’t afraid of sick people out with his Obamacare crap. I am not kidding when I say my doctor was such a coward he wanted to do a PHYSICAL over the PHONE, and when I insisted on an actual appointment had me tested and STILL wore TWO mask, an N95 AND the sort of full-face shield I would wear when grinding a weld flat, PLUS I had to wear a mask too, and even THEN he stood across the room and made his aides do any touching when it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.

    …he also sounded like Charley Brown’s teacher in that rig and it was all I could do to not laugh at him, and I finally gave up on understanding him and just read the report (online,natch) that he generated later…

    …it’s funny and all, but it’s also pretty scary. They’ve turned medical buildings into fortresses of fear and either gaslit everyone in them into being too frightened to provide decent medical care or cowed them into acting like they’re fearful, while chasing all the relatives that are ENORMOUSLY helpful in tracking medical matters out and keeping people away from the doctor in the FIRST place because a temperature misread from the frigging doorwarden they all have now can not only cancel your appointment, but also cut off your pay and imprision you and everyone who lives with you for two weeks, while every sniffle gets put off as “covid” so actual, TREATABLE illnesses are left unnecessarily unresolved.

    …no, not listening to “medical professionals” at this point. All they’ve done from MY point of view is discredit themselves for political reasons and prove themselves cowards, while all the while betraying their oath as well.

    …sorry, I can’t respect that…

  11. After Trump was elected, I was going to move to Latin America, but then I realized, I couldn’t speak Latin.

  12. “I am not kidding when I say my doctor was such a coward he wanted to do a PHYSICAL over the PHONE…”

    Did that include a digital prostate exam? 🙂

  13. Tony R OCTOBER 28, 2020 AT 10:21 AM
    ‘“I am not kidding when I say my doctor was such a coward he wanted to do a PHYSICAL over the PHONE…”

    Did that include a digital prostate exam? 🙂”

    …mostly they do a blood test now te determine if they need to do the stinkfinger test and actually started that a few years ago, for which I am eternally grateful…

    …but no, it wouldn’t surprise me if he WERE to say “OK, now squat over your phone, pull up a cheek with one hand, and with your other, jam your finger up your…”

    …and that’s when the battery dies.

    …just before the wife walks in who doesn’t know this is what’s going on, and sees me squatting over my dead cell phone with a digit pushed in to the third joint…

    (on a side note, if YOUR doctor still wants to put it up your butt every time you step in the door, it’s apparently just something he enjoys doing and you many want to question it next time, ESPECIALLY if he places BOTH hands on your shoulders while you feel him probing your prostate, just sayin’…)

  14. Speaking of cowardly doctors…. Just this past Friday I had my quarterly visit with my cardiologist. Bear in mind, he’s been my heart doc for about twelve years now. I always thought he was a cool guy (he’s a fellow musician) and we’ve always had interesting visits up until this point. I also have COPD and carry a portable oxygen concentrator when I leave the house.

    I was in an exam room waiting for his arrival when I sneezed… there’s a sanitizer the night time cleaning crew sprays that lingers in the air in this place and bothers me. This is rare but it isn’t the first time this has happened. Of course I had to blow my nose and to do such required removing my mask and cannula from the oxygen machine.

    I stood up and was about to attempt a three pointer to the trash can from across the room when the door swung open and the doctor appeared pushing his laptop on the little wheeled table that have become so common place. He saw me standing there without a mask and ran backwards out of the room. Fastest doctor on four wheels!!

    Now he’s standing in the hallway and shouts for me to PLEASE put my mask back on and be sure I cover my nose too. He held that position in the hall shouting (asking?) how I was feeling, etc. I told him I felt pretty good for a seventy-five year old and inquired about him. He said he was being safe… perhaps a bit of an under statement? Again, from the hallway he said I seemed to be fine and he’d like to see me in another six months, as opposed to our usual three months. He never listened to my heart or touched me at all… pretty hard to do when he probably got no more than within eight feet of me!

    I haven’t felt like kicking somebodies ass in years but this was an exception. Except for my health issues I just might have. I’m currently in the process of seeking out a new cardiologist. Shame too, after twelve years and two procedures. But I’d never seen such a cowardly performance by anyone in years. To hell with him!!

  15. Vitamin D deficiency?
    So let’s all spend the summer indoors, out of the sun.
    We’re being ruled by complete idiots.

  16. If you think you’re getting all the vitamin D you need from milk and other “fortified” foods, you might want to take another look. There are 2 forms of vitamin D – D2 (ergocalciferol which is plant based) and D3 (cholecalciferol which is the type produced by the human body).

    The human body makes far better use of the D3 form of vitamin than D2. Historically, D2 has been cheaper in bulk which is why food products included it so they could claim being fortified with vitamin D, even though it was an inferior form of it.

    Vitamin D3 supplements are relatively cheap and often come in tiny capsules for amounts as high as 10,000 IU. If a doctor has prescribed you a 50,000 IU dose of vitamin D, it was likely D2 instead of D3 and was of limited use to you.

  17. @Supernightshade

    Our family doctor of many years retired when Obamacare passed.

    Thankfully we have found another doctor who is conservative and is not a chicken little. He takes insurance and medicare, but you can also pay out of pocket, which is what we do and a lot less red tape that way.


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