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How can you Believe Joe when Joe hasn’t said anything?

Patriot Retort:

Apparently the approved talking point among Democrats and the Social Media ResistanceLOL is “I believe Joe Biden.”

There’s even an #IBelieveJoe hashtag on Twitter.

Really?  Shouldn’t the hashtag be #IBelieveJoeEvenThoughHeHasNotSaidAnything? Though, that’s probably too long a hashtag to get trending.

Maybe I’m expecting too much, but in order to believe Joe or disbelieve Joe, shouldn’t he first respond so that you have something to either believe or disbelieve?

I’d never say “Biden is lying” because in order to lie, Joe would have to open his mouth and utter a statement.

So how in the name of sweet, fancy Moses can you say “I believe Joe” when Joe has yet to open his mouth and utter a statement?

It’s completely illogical.

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  1. Fuck Biden and anyone and anything that stands by him. I mean FUCK ‘em.
    That is the creed.
    There is nothing funny about Biden.
    There is nothing endearing about Biden.
    There is nothing cute about Biden.
    Biden is a rapist and a pedophile.
    Speak Ill of Biden or shut the fuck up.

    Uncle Al, your thoughts? Is that logical enough?

  2. Biden is supposed to give a statement tomorrow.
    Biden is dementia riddled enough to admit to doing the assault.
    Imagine that – he’ll finally be telling the truth, confessing to being a douchebag, and wouldn’t even know it.

  3. “I believe Biden is putting on one hell of an act.”

    He’s got (or had) too much arrogant pride to demean himself and act a senile fool, and never had the brains or self-control to pull it off consistently anyway. It’s organic.

  4. @Grool – not when you’re facing life in prison and the official title of traitor. Biden knows he can’t win against Pres. Trump.

    And with all the video of him out there now acting the dementia part, aided by his wife, he’s all set up for an incompetence defense.

  5. Poor Tara Reade, she must be suffering from some sort of memory disorder. Some sort of cognitive decline. Dementia is contagious, right? Perhaps she caught this from someone else during the Great Fingercourse Pandemic twenty-seven years ago. Yep, that explains it. Poor woman, she should have come forward when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was being assaulted by women he never met. She’d have a great book deal by now.

  6. I got one woid for yous all: AVENATTI
    Remember when they put that crooked, flaming Asshole up on a pedestal and made fawning, glowing proclamations about him?
    Their Mantra: When pushing Propaganda, don’t ever let facts get in the way!!


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