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Do I have a fever?

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  1. This is what happens when you screw(and impregnate) the family maid and your wife kicks you to the curb emotionally(Maria Shriver hasn’t divorced him yet…..yet).

  2. Bro…. I ain’t watchin’ that. Just got done watching John Wick 3.

    In fact, I’ll probably keep my eyes closed until part 4 comes out to keep them pure.

  3. He looks like a perverted muslim when he feeds his “pet” from his crotch!

    Did not even know it was the terminator until I read his name on the account…. man has he let himself go!

  4. …for those of you that think that he may have been leading his “ass’ to his crotch, well, I once read an account about a guy who showed up in an ER with a badly macerated dick and a number of different stories. Seems that under threat that he might lose it, the guy finally got around to explaining that he lived on a farm and he “tried to get a horse to do something she didn’t want to do”.

    Those things have TEETH. Large, flat teeth on a jaw designed for GRINDING, and incisors that can cut a FIELD down in an afternoon.

    And they are NOT afraid to USE them.


    …the account included images to show the extent and severity of the damage, but I can’t find the orginal right away this morning, and pulling things for use on this site ALREADY gives me a questionable enough search history without adding “IMAGES OF CRUSHED PENISES”, “IMAGES OF MACERATED PENISES”, “IMAGES OF AVULSED PENISES”, and “SURGICAL CORRECTION OF FARM ANIMAL PENILE BITE WOUNDS” to it, so feel free to search any or all of those terms on your OWN if you want to see the consequences, are aware that the first 3 will get you a LOT of images that have NOTHING to do with THIS story, and you don’t mind answering some REALLY awkward questions from your spouse…

  5. Bman
    “This will be an unpopular comment, but I think this is kinda sweet. Nothing wrong with someone loving his animals.”

    Nine out of ten museloid males agree.

  6. Cute burro, and a sweet vid – but you don’t feed the burro at the table.

    Could be a cultural thing – I’ve read that rich chinks keep pigs in the house.

    I got geese – they’re pets – they eat outside.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Both of them are better looking than the family maid that the Governor made part of the Kennedy Family. Makes me think that the great men who wrote the US Constitution were very perspicacious when they required all Presidents to be natural born American citizens.

  8. They really are attention whores aren’t they?

    I cant imagine being so needy, that I’d let people see me in a decrepit state, especially when your entire persona stems from being Mr Universe

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