How dare you use our tactics against us!

PatriotRetort: The single biggest freak-out over Donald Trump’s immigration speech came when Mr. Trump invited onto the stage the “Angel Moms” — parents and family who lost a loved one at the hands of an illegal alien.

trump and victims of illegal alien crimes

The hue and cry was immediate.

How dare you! How dare you use our tactics against us!

You see, when it comes to populating a stage with victims, nobody does it better and more often than Democrats.

I don’t know if you all remember this, but after Adam Lanza shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Obama tripped all over himself to utilize the parents of those children killed.

After he flew to Newtown to give his requisite anti-gun speech at the memorial service, Obama invited several of the parents to fly back with him on Air Force One.

Then he unleashed them in the halls of Congress to hector lawmakers to submit to Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Worse still, he recruited one of the moms to give his Presidential Weekly Address in his stead.  MORE

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  1. One mom lost a kid because of an Illegal Russian. Yes, there is a small percentage of the illegals who are OTM/latin. So does the LSM have a problem with deporting white illegals or just the latino ones?

  2. Trumps so damn smart. He head faked changing his position on Imigration and the end result was every network covered his speech just waiting for the big waffle. Which never happened. But they covered it right to the end.

  3. Hats off to the whole Trump team to outdo Crooked Hillary. I should think this will add greatly to Trump’s poll numbers. Additionally, I think Hillary is too ill to fly.

  4. Since Reagan, every one of the candidates that i wanted at the beginning of the primary lost. Every four years i picked the loser or losers. Cain, huckabee, paul, buchanan, and others. This is the first time that i picked a winner as soon as he announced.

    Trumps got this, but i hope illary survives until Nov 9. I dont want any shenanigans if she drops over dead before the election.

  5. Great article. It’s good to see all those incidents on one page.

    “He invades the Left’s safe space, ransacks their arsenal and turns their own weapons against them.”

    Amen to that. I hope to see a lot more.

  6. A high line pro shows the so called
    “politicians” and their MSM lackeys
    how it’s done. He makes them stand there gaping like a pack of rubes
    at an old carney show. Love It!

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