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How Deep Is The Ocean?

Crazy Viral Video Shows How Deep The Ocean And Other Bodies Of Water Really Are.

Blue State Conservative: The rise of technology, and everything transhumanist about it, will eventually be mankind’s downfall. Klaus Schwab recently saying he wants to merge human and artificial intelligence to stamp out “hate speech” and “misinformation” is just the latest frightening ideated partnership between two incompatible things. 

However, there are times when technology is also wonderful. Modern medicine and surgical techniques are a sight to behold, as is the ability to communicate with loved ones halfway across the world. Technology, like everything in life, has both good and bad applications. To really distill this idea, water is essential to human life – but drinking too much water can kill you.

One intrepid user on Twitter, whose name I won’t type out but you’ll see below (insert obligatory language warning to cover legal bases) shared a video that is fun, educational, and mind blowing. It’s a nice change of pace from the incessant political fear- and war-mongering that consumes our lives 24/7. more here

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  1. I think OutdoorJohn might be trapped behind some strange 10 dimensional cyber wall and he’s trying to communicate with us. He needs our help.

  2. We know more about outer space than the depths of our oceans.

  3. I encourage the steady unsatiable pursuit of knowledge, utilizing the ever-expanding and advancing fields of science and technology in order to make those things unknown known. Each discovery and advancement furthers the glory of God and his extraordinary creation. And each step further isolates the atheists out there that deny a creator, the existence of an uncaused first-cause, a being that transcends time, space and matter.

  4. Brad, is it possible that Outdoorjohn is selling outdoor john’s? Maybe he’s trying to prep us for what’s coming. He sure is working hard at it, especially with that killer avatar. He needs a line card instead of a link, I think.

  5. General Malaise
    I’m assuming you remember he use to be a reader here. It’s weird someone showed up with his AVATAR and name. I smell foul play. And fowl play for that matter.

  6. “The rise of technology, and everything transhumanist about it, will eventually be mankind’s downfall. ”

    Technology is neither good nor bad, it is how it is used that makes it so.

    Medical instruments can torture, and nuclear bombs can save lives. Ask the million Americans that didn’t die while invading Japan how THAT works, not to mention the millions more Japanese that would have.

    I work with robots every day, and I’ve yet to find one that gives a shit about anything. They just do what a human uses them fir, no more and no less. Its just an elaborate tool, no different in mentality than a cold chisel, and like a cold chisel it can be used to form a baby carrage or driven into a baby’s brain, but neither robot nor chisel would have any responsibility for, or interest in, which it is used for.

    We don’t need to worry about tech per se. We need to worry about who’s using it.

    Tech isn’t the end of the discussion either. German tanks were the best, but also most complicated, in WWII, and that complexity was their downfall. With all our tech, the Afgans and the Vietnamese before them fought wars of attrition with us that bo amount of programned devices could overcome. Tech can do amazing things, but also has glaring weaknesses.

    You want to undercut tech warriors, don’t go after the warriors, go after the technicians. They are much softer targets and they take MUCH longer to train, and far fewer of them exists or are likely to. Once you kill the mechanics, as the Russians did at the airfields near Stalingrad, the tech can no longer be sustained.

    Modern tech doesn’t scare me. I know how a scanning laser can be disabled with sunlight, and how an automated vehicle can be confused witb a drop of dried water or paralyzed with a square of electric tape. Tech is Mammon, not god, and is always as fallable as its inputs and only as smart as the person who programmed it.

    Tech is not the problem, humans are. They are no different in mentality than when Cain killed Abel, the only difference is the tech lets them kill faster.

    Don’t focus on the knife, focus on the hand that wields it, for the hand is the only thing that makes the knife deadly.

  7. How Deep Is The Ocean?
    About 1/10th ad deep as the B.S. coming out of Wash. D.C.

  8. “How Deep Is The Ocean?”

    I don’t have the exact figures but I’m quite sure it goes ALL the way to the bottom.

  9. 𝓒𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓴𝓮𝓻FJB𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂

    “…the ability to communicate with loved ones halfway across the world.” Considering every communication goes through Maryland, I think in some cases people communicate with loved ones all the way around the world….

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