[WATCH] – Kamala Harris VIOLATES White House Rule – Footage Released! – IOTW Report

[WATCH] – Kamala Harris VIOLATES White House Rule – Footage Released!


After days of the White House saying it would be “inappropriate” to comment on the FBI’s recent raid of Donald Trump’s home, Kamala Harris has chosen to break that rule!

In shocking interview footage, Kamala Harris released a statement about the FBI raid. Harris framed people angry about the raid as violent and started talking about her time as a prosecutor.

She couldn’t stop giggling!

This video is just further proof that Kamala Harris is not following the White House’s own rules when it comes the FBI raid. One Fox News commentator thinks Harris’ statement may have been an attempt to gain publicity ahead of 2024.

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  1. Considering that she obtained her start in government service based on her fellatio skills, I can’t help but think that she is blowing us all with that explanation.

  2. Klammy has made a mark all right – a skid mark! That broad is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

  3. RadioMattM
    AUGUST 15, 2022 AT 5:21 PM
    “After her performance as Veep, I doubt she would ever be elected to anything again.”

    She wasn’t elected to anything THIS time, either.

    Neither was the Pedo.

    They are theives and frauds, nothing more.

  4. None of the front men and women in *Joe’s administration know what the Hell is going on. They coordinated and advise each other about nothing. All of them are rogue – used by the Deep State as a distraction.

    KamalMao displays the most cluelessness. She thinks she’s smart and keeps cackling a stupid, jumbled response to anything she’s asked about.

  5. There should be no doubt whatsoevr that they laughing hyena in a dowdy pantsuit is a vulgar numbskull, zero intelligence, unworthy, poor quality, no couth, no class, and is as cheap as China-made products. The tawdry and inefficient Harris woman married to a white-supremacist husband is trying to agitate more anger among decent Americans to provoke violent uprisings among maga supporters (think false Trump raid). Don’t fall for her laughable Biden-type attempt at poking the bear. Keep your cool at all times. EXPOSURE is one of their great enemies and fears. We are more powerful than the homely CCP-slug and the chronic-loser-in-chief Biden ever hope to be.

  6. Harris is Biden’s Biden: a deliberate threat reminder from the administration of who the next president will be, should anyone start getting any bright ideas about removing the current pResident.

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