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How Disney teaches contempt for dads

‘Every 3.24 minutes, a dad acts like a buffoon.”

NYP: That’s the conclusion of a small study done by a student a Brigham Young University after watching eight hours of the two most popular Disney “tween” shows featuring families. The results of the research — “Daddies or Dummies?” — are not particularly surprising.

Are “Good Luck Charlie” and “Girl Meets World” any different from previous sitcoms like “Roseanne” or “Home Improvement?” A 2001 study by Erica Scharrer in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media found that the number of times a mother told a joke at the father’s expense increased from 1.80 times per episode in the 1950s to 4.29 times per episode in 1990.

But what’s interesting about the new research is that the author, Savannah Keenan, also looked at the reaction of the children on screen to their fathers’ displays of cluelessness. At least half the time, children reacted “negatively” to these displays — by rolling their eyes, making fun of dad, criticizing him, walking away while he’s talking or otherwise expressing their annoyance.


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  1. It’s specifically about denigrating white males. The PsyOps in the US has been going on for decades, and it’s now coming to fruition. The US basically is a land of stupid sheep yearning for slaughter. When Hillary is installed in the White House next year, the flood gates of Central American and Islamic trash is going to flow in, and we are all but done for. The Islamic Caliphate’s first real country is likely going to be right here at his rate. Our current government at all levels seems to be totally on board with the global Islamic agenda. Show me how they’re not.

  2. Stupid white dudes always need to be taught lessons by fags, negroes, and ignorant fat women.

  3. White males and whites in general are portrayed as inferior, unattractive, unintelligent and repulsive in most of the advertisements on TV. Its usually an impeccably dressed black person who is the “hero” of the ad–the “winner”. Its gotten so I try very hard to only patronize a company/business/service that is fair and complimentary to whites. Because White Lives Matter to me.

  4. Having raised two daughters, one biologic and one adopted I have no problem with promoting “Girl Power” when showing self reliance, ability to achieve, bravery, intelligence, fortitude, honesty, moral strength, and the ability to overcome adversity. What I have a problem with if the false attainment of virtues through denigration.

    The tearing down of fathers has been the shtick of the leftist progressive communist since the early 60’s. I find no comedy in portraying fathers as bumbling simpletons. The erosion of the patriarch is dangerous for our society.

  5. Make them pay.

    Several years ago P&G ran a Tide detergent commercial in which the teen daughter planned to wear a white mini skirt that was up to her mmm hmmm. She modeled it for her dad who was sitting in an armchair (detached from family interaction) while he was watching the tee vee. He saw it hanging on the clothesline, snatched it down and threw it in the garbage. The daughter fished it out, the ‘understanding’ mom (guess she didn’t care if her daughter looked like a tart) washed it in Tide and the daughter snuck out of the house to go to her party.

    I emailed Tide, told them what a horrible message it sent and why, starting with the fact that it denigrated the father’s role in the family. They sent me an apology and $25.00. I’ve never used Tide since.

    They also stopped that ad.

    If you don’t like something, you have to say something.

  6. This crap started back in the days of the Danny Thomas show, “Make Room For Daddy”. Those smart-assed kids of his always tried to make him look like a buffoon.

  7. Yeah, make fun of white males, until the Plumbing or AC go out.
    Then it’s all: “When can you get here? Oh God, thank you!”

  8. This is what feminism looks like. Denigrate men, divorce them, take half their money forever, take their kids away, replace them with tax dollars, then do studies on why young men don’t choose marriage, become bums and thugs, or both.

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