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UMass Amherst students required to take 2 ‘social justice’ classes to earn diploma

CollegeFix: The largest public university in Massachusetts does not hide that fact that one of its academic missions is to teach students to become so-called social justice warriors.

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s website, in describing the guidelines underpinning the two mandatory diversity classes students must take to earn a diploma, states such classes teach students “to engage with others to create change toward social justice,” among other themes. more

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  1. I’ve been there, and the snowflake in the pic dann sure looks like one of their students.

    It’s called toothpaste.
    Try it between bong hits!

  2. No room for critical thought at Amherst.
    Using the cookie cutter method of producing the next generation of wealthy, mush headed social warriors.
    The socialist transformation continues in academia.

  3. doesn’t surprise me at all.
    tax payer supported schools teaching communist political indoctrination.
    look at how far the communists have come so far, they have: thrown Christianity out of the public realm, thrown actual history out of the public realm, all msm outlets are in lock step to their ideas, word have had their definitions changed, some classes of victims are more protected than others, massive welfare state, massive regulatory bureaucracy, massive taxpayer funded healthcare and the list goes on.

    I find it hard to believe that we will role this all back. but I will die trying.

  4. Just take? Or take and pass? Because if it’s the former, I think a rollicking good time of subversion could be had.

  5. How in the Hell are these colleges still open?
    Lazlo had no offspring, preferring restful silence in the mornings.
    However, if I had a nodule in a college with this crap going on I would yank them out and eat the tuition for the rest of the semester.
    Then give the nipper a military grade radiation exposure scrub down prior to searching for a welding school.
    In fact, if the theoretical Lazlo Jr. even entertained the idea of a nonsense degree like gender studies, or social justice, or some other crap, that child would be darted like a bear, and would wake up in a Military School

  6. I had a couple of these type of classes in the early 90’s, they were GED required, not my major. It seemed I constantly had the opposing position. While they were uncomfortable, it wasn’t difficult to slip through them. Especially when it was apparent that singling me out went against the coursework.

  7. Gee, I wonder what will happen to their enrollment in the coming years. My guess is they will see what Missou experienced over the last year or so.
    Remember, kids, you have a choice.

  8. These classes will be used to ensure that a white male never gets the highest GPA of his class, guaranteed. I had two SJW required classes at Cal State in the late ’80s, and one got me a C and the other a B-, and I ended up with a 3.77 GPA which bumped my out of Summa Cum Laude. I worked as hard in those classes as all the others, but I was a white male, and I was never going to get an A in them no matter what, ever.

  9. The older I get, the more it seems that the best “social justice” principles are Bible based. Jesus spent all of his time on the road and much of his time with the derelict of society, but treated everyone evenhandedly and offered, but did not impose, salvation. If you look at the miracles outlined in the New Testament, they were designed to help the afflicted rejoin society as productive members – not give them preferential treatment.

    Our modern day social justice warriors seek out the downtrodden (whether or not they are actually so), and offer them preferential treatment in order to capture them as a reliable voting base. By constantly elevating or diminishing various social groups depending upon personal whims and political goals, our modern social justice warriors will never achieve social justice.

  10. The problem is that this indoctrination is not only happening in the 2 mandatory “social justice” classes. Look at any course catalog. Let’s pick history for example. What is being taught is how evil white men have kept “people of color” down. You will find this to be true in practically every course, except perhaps pure math. Even science is not exempt – hence globull warming.

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