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Voter shreds Hillary ‘woman cards’

AM: At least one woman wants Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to know exactly what she did with the official “Woman Cards” distributed by her campaign.

Janice Thompson took to YouTube today to send Clinton a message with her thoughts on the former first lady’s drive to court women in the 2016 election, along with a tutorial on how to run a paper shredder.

“Hillary, since you claim you do not know how to wipe a server, and we all know you don’t know how to swipe a card on the New York City subway, I will show you how to use a paper shredder,” Thompson said.  MORE

5 Comments on Voter shreds Hillary ‘woman cards’

  1. Those idiotic cards cost $5. I liked her message, but it looks like she just donted $25 to Canckles campaing

  2. for every one voice you hear, how many more are crying out in the wilderness?
    this woman is not alone.
    the msm never show crowds at the beasts rallies because there aren’t any.
    the msm make up the most of her support.

  3. Oh but Hillary knows how to use a shredder. First, order all of your minions to gather all evidence from a former partner’s office and bring it to the office in the White House. Then, spend the rest of the evening directing the shredding of evidence of collusion and or all criminal behavior.

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