How Donald Trump Killed Off the 1960s

Breitbart: You get to a certain age and you are fairly certain you have seen it all. For example, I have already witnessed a man walk on the moon, a president resign, America lose a war, the space shuttle explode, the Soviet Union collapse, a president impeached, a tied presidential race, the Twin Towers fall, and a billionaire real estate magnate elected president without a lick of political or military experience. But who would have thought we would live to see the day a Donald Trump could kill off the 1960s?

That is exactly what has happened over the last ten days — Trump killed off the 1960s. Not the worst of it. The social horrors birthed in the ’60s; the fallout that never ends with drug abuse, the welfare state, and loveless sex will always be with us. You can never put evil back in the bottle.

The good things that came out of the ’60s — Trump killed almost all of that.

What have we learned over the last ten days?

Oh, only that the Obama administration launched a counter-intelligence operation against a rival presidential campaign complete with spies, wiretaps, unprecedented unmasking, media leaks, and FISA warrants based on lies.

None of that, however, is surprising. Government is corrupt, especially the federal government, most especially the unelected bureaucrats in the intelligence community. After living through Watergate, Iran-Contra, Billary selling the Lincoln bedroom, no WMD in Iraq, and Barry weaponizing the IRS and running guns into Mexico, I am well aware incompetence and corruption are the government’s default positions.

Here is what I never thought I would see…

The children of the ’60s — you know, the hippies — and their ideological offspring in academia, politics, and, most especially, the media, are now not only okay with a sitting president’s weaponizing the intelligence community against a rival presidential campaign; they are all rolling over like whipped dogs to believe everything the intelligence community tells them, most especially when it is coming from the CIA — the CIA! — and the FBI.  more here

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  1. It’s kind of funny to watch, in a sad, pathetic way. CIA & FBI were definitely reviled, until the left controlled the bogeymen.

    Funny to watch like watching David Crosby eating New England clam chowder with that over grown, wrap around mustache of his.

  2. The only thing a nonconformist hates more than a conformist is a nonconformist that does not abide the prevailing standards of nonconformity.

    May have been Will Rogers that said it idk, but that is the left summed up in one sentence. They are and have always been hypocrites…..spoiled, insufferable & priggish brats.

  3. The USA did not lose a war. We withdrew, or that is to say, we were withdrawn by candy-asked politicians.

    You can make a good argument that we shouldn’t have been in that war, but we sure as hell weren’t defeated.

  4. Meathead has turned into Archie Bunker on all issues Trump. Norman Lear wouldn’t know what to do with this modern trend; Archie would be demanding that the intelligence community purge the criminals and clean house while Meathead would be begging people to believe in the FBI.

    I would suggest that the 60s era hippies, who are all geriatrics now, relax, kick back and get real mellow. (According to some medical marijuana sources, retirement communities and retirees were their biggest customers). Your generation fucked up probably two subsequent generations, and it’s well past time for you to leave the stage. We will make sure you are supplied with sufficient weed to keep you senseless (even more senseless?) until it’s time to cart you off, and we will work on undoing the damage you have caused over the last forty years or so.

  5. The 60’s, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I was born in 1953 so I’m a child of the 60’s both good and bad. The 60’s didn’t really start till after JFK was assassinated and the Beatles came to America etc. etc. And LBJ became president and started The Great Society in 65 and Vietnam became political after the Tet Offensive in early 68 and all the damned hippies and drugs started around 67-68 and all the rebellions on college campuses, no thanks to you, you bastard billy boy ayers and his ilk in the SDS and the new left. But we are also as divided as we were between young and old, black and white etc. and we’re still a land of traditional values till all hell broke loose when the Pandora’s box of open rebellion against any kind of authority was unleashed upon the land. Only when the damned bums of the 60’s started to take over did we see the full effects of their destruction begin to reap it’s horrible toll on American values. I hate baby boomers for the most part and I’m one of them but I believe president Trump is the anti Nixon sent to restore America to its traditional values and bring law and order back out of chaos in these troubled times. Having said that I believe we as a people are finally waking up and seeing what the left has done to this country and we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. There is hope because when hellary said we were a bunch of deplorables she awoke a very pissed off, sleeping giant that aren’t going to put up with their crap anymore for the future sake of our children and grandchildren. And one last thing, die hippie scum, we didn’t like you back than and we especially don’t like you now.

  6. I am a child of the 60’s and I have been a conservative all my life. There are some of us who did not fall in line. But I did protest the Vietnam war, peacefully, because people I knew were dying there.

  7. I guess the inverse is true.
    I wasn’t quite old enough to partake in the “don’t trust anyone over 30, radical 60s anti-government” movement, but had an underlying belief that our form of govt was established to serve the citizenry, and the fact I was never in the unfortunate position of challenging that, I had no reason to think otherwise.

    Boy has that changed. Had anyone suggested I would be an anti govt radical at this point in my life, I would’ve accused them of being high on drugs.

  8. I guess I’m one of the younger “boomers” but I don’t give a crap for their old values anymore. I don’t even care much for the Beatles if you can believe that, just got tired of the songs. I remember when they burst on the scene and the sight of them changed the way every young person looked almost immediately. We were like sheep and lots of the boomers still are lefty sheep. They think its “cool” to diss POTUS, they are not even thinking for themselves even now.

  9. Furthermore, its too bad Ringo and Paul are so stupid or they might still have great influence. Same goes for Stones, etc. They are not brilliant men outside of the music world

  10. I didn’t realize how conservative I was until I joined the Navy in 1972. I found a stash of letters that I wrote home to my folks during that period from 1972-75 amongst all the stuff we’ve been going thru after my dad died. I took them home and read them, it’s a living written time capsule of what I was going thru at the time. I was surprised at all those letters and what they said about me and the Navy and the state of the country at the time. I’m putting them away for my kids and grandkids to read after I’m gone, they need to see these just because. Some of them are pretty funny and others detailing day to day life in the Navy at the end of the Vietnam war like becoming a shellback when we crossed South of the Equator in the spring of 1974, the fire on board the Kitty Hawk in Dec. 1973, becoming a Plane Captain when I was 21 etc. etc. of course I didn’t tell them everything, my mom especially would’ve killed me if I told her everything I did, my dad would understand because I found some of his letters etc. from the late 40’s when he was in the Air Force and he was as big a knucklehead as I was, go figure, some things never change. I did it again and forgot to fill out who I am on the bottom again, Geoff the aardvark here, I even related to my folks how I became an aardvark in one of my letters.

  11. One of the worst things I remember is the protests at the Dems political convention in 1968. My grandma even had the tv on non-stop and she was practically a Victorian. I think it was special coverage that pre-empted regular programming. All the old folks thought it was horrible and i did not understand it at all. That was supposed to be cool??? It was very confusing for a youngster at that time. That was the work of persons associated with Students for a Democratic Society–Ayres, etc., thought I’m not sure Ayres was there at Chicago. O’s buddies. O probably wasn’t living there yet, still over in the muzlim world.

  12. I remember the ’60s.
    The music was better. Television was cleaner but the air was dirtier. Gas was cheaper (and so was corn.) Cars were better, and movies were too. Teachers actually taught kids. Cops were our friends, so were mailmen. Firefighters and cowboys were heroes. Nobody laughed a Superman. Nobody “took a knee”.
    We believed in America.
    Sure, there were problems.
    But it was the greatest country in the world.

    I hate to see it turned into a shithole.

  13. @Bongo — “The only thing a nonconformist hates more than a conformist is a nonconformist that does not abide the prevailing standards of nonconformity.”

    Boy howdy!

    I’m no prodigy, but I remember coming to this conclusion when I was about eleven years old and it was because of my best friend’s hippie brothers. I watched them go from being independent, thinking young men with something on the ball to a couple of pot-smoking, unkempt, patchouli-smelling weirdos. And one day one of them got pissy because someone didn’t agree with their hippified, anti-war, free love, everybody-and-everything-is-beautiful horse dung. I realized he didn’t really believe what he was saying at all. I saw that you were only ‘cool’ and ‘beautiful’ if you agreed with him. Otherwise, you weren’t. You gotta lay down some pretty twisted tracks in your brain to defend that position. Hypocrites.

  14. Isn’t it kinda like the ’60’s all over again. “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” I think there will always be a group of irresponsible, work-avoiding, numbskulls who will try to justify their parasitic behavior by making it a thing.

  15. Most of us who grew up in the sixties didn’t realize it at the time, but the 60’s unleashed a ton of bad stuff.

    Songs like “White Rabbit” were promoting drug abuse. It all seemed kind of innocent at the time, but in reality a lot of the entertainment was the devil in disguise.

    For sure, it was The Worst Generation, including me.

  16. During the Cold War, 1976 and 1977 to be precise, I was part of the so called US intelligence community. I was an imagery interpretation specialist with the 544th Intelligence Exploitation Squadron at Strategic Air Command headquarters at Offutt AFB near Omaha, Nebraska. We were tasked with producing raw intelligence using photographic and digital satellites. The images we saw told the truth about what was going on in the USSR and China at the time. We generated, collated and disseminated the raw intelligence to the so called analysts. What they did with it was beyond our control. I won’t say about what, but I saw Jimmy Carter lie his ass off on TV to the American people about something that was going on. I was pissed, but I was told to let it go as our job was to generate the intelligence and nothing else. It was our squadron that discovered the nuclear missiles in Cuba during 1962 using U-2 imagery. Imagine if Kennedy had said there were no nuclear missiles after seeing the photos of them.

  17. For fucks sake, DIE BOOMERS DIE!!!! Get off the stage. Your shit is 30 years stale. Just go away already.

  18. White Rabbit or any other song by Jefferson Airplane gets immediately turned off when I hear the 1st notes of it on the radio. I had too much of listening to them back in the day, same with the Grateful Dead and On The Threshold Of A Dream, the one album by the Moody Blues I can’t listen to anymore. I hate sitar music and all that Transcendental meditation crap.

  19. That’s why Gen X had it so easy. All teenagers know everything, and adults are idiots. Gen X never had to outgrow that.

  20. It’s pretty simple. The left thinks the current corruption is now ok because in their view the corrupt bastards are their people now so it’s all good.

    Anyone remember the story from a few years ago, I think it was during a presidential inaguration, when the actor Ron Silverman was pissed when some fighter jets did a fly over. Then someone said to him, “Ron, they’re our jets now!”. Then Ron also began to cheer the fly over. Similar kind of thing.

  21. The same logic applies to the right being “killed off” because they now do not believe the CIA, FBI, etc. That’s why this is not a partisan issue. We should all become libertarians and pursue the truth as such.

  22. The ’60s: “The golden age of protest.”
    Shook things up and, unlike today’s protests, there were things that needed protesting. Largely due to the protests the environment got some protection (which has since gone too far)and the war was ended.
    Some excess baffled me- campus riots, Altamont and the Woodstock fiasco for instance.
    The colorful stoned hippie counterculture faded, but remnants survive as teachers subverting our youth.
    The big issues have been corrected, leaving nothing significant to rebel against. Consequently, the current hoopla over “microaggression” and other such “crimes.”

    P.S. Wage gap, my ass.


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