How Gypsy women fight in Turkey

Two kids in the village got into an argument so as any other normal women would do,  their moms and grandmas throw rocks, flash their underpants and grab their crotches in anger.

Keep in mind,  all cultures are equal. See how equal.

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  1. Looks more civilized than many inner city mama fights. (at least these folks have underclothes beneath their dresses.

  2. Gimme ritualized fighting over bloody fighting any day, especially when the matter under contention is cultural as distinct from physical.

    White civilized people do the ritualized battle thing all the time. Keep your eyes open during anything called a “staff meeting.”

  3. I was fighting with my homie in the middle of the day
    When my Momma got involved in her own special way
    Granny threw rocks and my aunts joined in
    Screaming at the neighbors, Poppa went and hid with a bottle of gin

    Gypsies – tramps and thieves
    Momma’s flashing her knickers and grabbing her woo woo
    Gypsies – tramps and thieves
    And every day it’s just the same
    And it’s gettin’ pretty lame.

  4. Are they muslim? I may be wrong but I thought gypsies were a different thing all together. That aside, this type of thing happens all the time around the projects here in America.

  5. Story Time:
    There was once a great Gipsy wedding in Ireland when the King of Leinster’s daughter married the King of Connacht’s son. The grand affair was held in Munster
    The Garda (Police) were called in on stand-by at the local barracks in the event of trouble.
    All went well at the wedding until about six PM when suddenly all hell broke loose.
    The Garda put a stop to it in fast order and the Sergeant took the groom’s best man to the side to find out what happened.
    Well, said the best man, I was dancin’ with the bride, Shelia, when the groom, Tony, kicked her right in the arse.
    Well now, said the Sergeant, was it a friendly sort of kick, or a hard kick?
    It was a fooken hard kick, said the BM, he broke four of me bloody fingers!

  6. Be glad Hillary is not a gypsy. She could do that and kill half the conservatives in the country. Cause the other half to consider suicide.

  7. The best Gipsy fight ever was in “From Russia with Love.”
    Boy were they ever hot. And Bond got laid again.

  8. Tommy, I remember watching that Bond gypsy fight at the drive-in when I was a kid.
    It really perplexed me. I had never seen women physically fight.

    I have all the Bonds on Blu-ray.
    I may have to load that one tonight now that I am having Olympics withdrawals.

  9. Hey I resemble that remark DioSar! And it’s O’Donnell…..O’DONNELL!

    Frankly, I’ve seen the same action at Walmart.

  10. Au contraire mon ami – I should’ve clarified I’ve seen the vids floating around the internet for years – I think they’re called Walmartians or something to that effect?

  11. PJ. Yes, “From Russia with Love” was the best Fleming novel and Bond’s best movie. I read all of Fleming’s novels, still have them but I only watched Sean Connery as Bond. Moore, Dalton, whoever, are not for me. IMO.

  12. At Auschwitz during the last year of the war, the Germans decided to “liquidate” the Gypsy camp (Birkenau B-II). The Gypsies met the Germans with knives and clubs and demanded to know why *they* were being “liquidated” when the Germans had sworn to exterminate the Jews first!
    The Germans relented and said that they were just going to re-locate them – which they did – first to other camps and then to the gas chambers.
    (“The Auschwitz Chronicles”, D. Czech)

    Never make a deal with the Devil.

    izlamo delenda est …

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