How Norway Dealt With Antifa

‘How Norway dealt with Antifa is well worth a study. A threat to masculinity and democracy alike, Antifa attacked Andy Ngo recently and this movement needs to be stopped. Antifa still exists in Norway today, but has no power and no influence. It was dealt with back in the 90’s.

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  1. I can’t watch the video now as I am at work. But if the police simply enforced the laws requiring removal of face coverings it would completely solve the problem. Berkeley police did it last year and there were no problems after that.

  2. I think I have a clue to Mike Nordstrom’s ancestry. haha!

    Great advice, and Left Coast Dan is right. I’m still amazed that groups like antifa, occupy and the rest have successfully run riot over major cities without legal permits to do so and were/are not disbursed/arrested.

  3. I almost fell asleep waiting for him to finish making a point. Taking 20 mins to say what could be said in 5 doesn’t work for me.

    Try this: When ANTIFA gathered to attack people our law enforcement beat the snot out of them then dragged their bleeding carcasses to the slammer for a long stay.
    Tho dumb as rocks the lesson sunk in.

  4. I like the moniker someone here used for Antifa a couple days ago – KLANTIFA.

    *Like the KKK, they hide behind masks
    *Like the KKK, they practice violence
    *Like the KKK, they are an arm of the Democrat Party

  5. Antifa is the brownshirt arm of the democrat party. Educate the public, GOP hacks.

    Better yet, let’s dump GOP hacks so we can save our country.

  6. Didn’t the troops used to BURN their dung there in the sandboxes of Iraq & Afghanistan? 🤔

    Well there ya’ GO! 😁

  7. Kinda sad that he can’t even bring himself to use the word “fascist”. Where does he think the term Antifa comes from?

  8. in other words, Norway’s police gave each Klantifa a WoodShampoo(tm) and knocked some sense into them.

  9. I will shoot anybody accosting me.
    If you wear a mask, you are up to no good.
    I will fix that for them.

  10. Antifa is a terrorist organization by federal definition, yet it is allowed the freedom to engage in violent behavior. Which means they are government sponsored, because the local law enforcement is not allowed to deal with them. The FBI is likely always present to make sure the local LEOs do nothing. The FBI its self operates as a terrorist organization that threatens local cops. Just look at what happened in Las Vegas, or go back to what happened years ago at Columbine. LEOs actually fear for their lives if they try to stop Antifa, or black ops. Norway apparently has a more law abiding government than does the USA. But it still has suffered from terrorist black ops.

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