‘How To Stab A Jew’

how to stab a jew


How monstrous do you have to be to teach children how to kill in the name of any God? It’s what the Palestinians do and have always done. They are teaching their children how to stab and kill a Jew.

Danny Dannon, Israel’s new ambassador to the US and someone I admire, gave a speech at the UN that bluntly showed the mindset of these demons. In a picture that shows just where to stab a Jew to kill them, he indicated the latest teaching aides for Palestinian children.
This is incitement to murder. They are teaching their children from the time they can walk how to hate and it is the fuel of terrorism. Instead of math, science and grammar, these children are being taught to be efficient killers. It’s morally reprehensible and vicious. It’s generational hate and people scream bloody murder if a child is killed while trying to kill others. If you are old enough to kill, you are old enough to pay the ultimate price.  more here

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  1. They’re murdering and teaching murder in the name of a demonic idol, just like the heathens at Ephesus would have done had they gotten their jands on Paul (Acts ch. 19).

  2. The Pallytards are doubling down. This is not how you prep your population for a 2 state solution. They want a genocide I say we give it to them.

    Then, maybe they will have an epiphany and realize having a Jewish state for a neighbor is not all that bad. Everyday the PA and Hamas poison the next generation that likelihood of an epiphany grows ever more remote.

  3. If the entire non-muslim world doesn’t wake up and realize we’re going to have to ALL play cowboys and moosies, we are all going to have to learn Arabic and live under Sharia. The original September 11th happened in 1683 at the Battle of Vienna. WAKE UP, people. You either drive them back to their sandbox, or your children will be embracing Islam – PERIOD.

  4. I’m not a doctor but I think that would work on anyone. Just remember
    When stabbing a Muslim rub bacon fat on the blade so it slides in easy.

  5. Years from now people with sense are still going to reflect on the idea;

    “why didn’t we nuke these vermin when we had the chance”.

  6. If it’ll work on a Jew it’ll work on a filthy fucking raghead, too – since they’re both descended from Abraham.

    The Jews should try it out a few thousand times and evaluate.

  7. The only thing these people understand is overwhelming force and Iron Will.
    Announce that all those terrorists killed will be ground up and fed to pigs. Then show it being done.
    All prisoners taken will be treated humanely, but will live out their days on a prison pig farm, on a steady diet of Pork.
    Grind them under the boot heel or you will fight this war a thousand times.

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