The Left Loves To Trot Out Already Debunked Memes, Don’t They?

This has been showing up on sites once again. It’s complete bullsh!t and has already been debunked by THE LEFTY SITE Snopes, as well as Politifact.

But that won’t stop the morons from tweeting it again and again and again and again….


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  1. the ends justifies the means………God, family, integrity, truth and facts have no place in the socialist democratic party.

  2. Don’t you just love how Snopes, after debunking the myth, still couldn’t help themselves and had to get a dig in at Trump for some clothing items that had his name on them, made in China back in 2011.

  3. I personally do not believe that Snopes is a “Lefty” site. I have seen them report facts that are inconvenient to the Right, as well as those that are inconvenient to the Left, such as this one. I consider them to be a good source for debunking Internet rumors, and I have no reason to think they are biased in any way. The truth is the truth, whether we like it or not.

  4. Nope, they ARE biased to the left. Snopes is run by a lefty couple, and for every item like this one you see, there are 10 pro-lefty items. Their bias tends to come out even when they have to say something that benefits the right, as in this case that Tony R pointed out. They couldn’t help but get an anti-Trump dig in.

  5. YOU consider it an anti-Trump dig because you are sensitive to any perceived “insult” to The Donald. I have not yet allied myself to the Trump candidacy, so I perceive it only as further clarification on this subject. As long as the information is true, I see no need to withhold it from the public. Unless someone is ashamed of it, I suppose.

    Recently BigFurHat caught a lot of flak for revealing that Trump favored the Kelo decision, but it was the TRUTH, and we needed to know that. When you report only the favorable things about something and cover up the bad, you are adopting the tactics of the Left.

    IMHO, anyway.

  6. I have been going to Snopes for at least 10 years. For non-political fact-checking, they aren’t bad. But for political stuff, in the past, they had a definite left-bias. Sometimes it is very subtle, but once you catch on to their style, you can see it. But I haven’t been there for about a year, so maybe they have toned it down, but I doubt it.

  7. riverlife_callie – I agree totally; Snopes is 100% Leftist. Just look at how they handled the Gregg / State Farm insurance issue back in 2008.

    BTW – Gregg Insurance is my agent and I heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Screw Snopes.

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