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How Washington is spending your money in Ukraine

American Thinker:
By Rajan Laad

To say that the U.S. is a deeply divided nation is an understatement.

There is perhaps no issue countrywide that has universal approval. This divide is most apparent in Washington, where one rarely gets to see any display of bipartisanship among politicians.

That rare occasion, though, came in recent months. But it wasn’t for the U.S. — it was for a country more than 5,500 miles away.

The House approved $40 billion of taxpayer money in aid to Ukraine on a 368 to 57 vote earlier this month. Yesterday, the Senate also approved the aid, and the vote was 86 to 11.

It was a display of generosity,  Biden had requested $33 billion, but an additional $7 billion was tossed in. The only “no” votes were from GOP members. more here

10 Comments on How Washington is spending your money in Ukraine

  1. It’s another fucking riot slush fund. High times again for the AntiFa faggots and the BLM niggers. More shit to burn down. More people to terrorize. More mules to steal elections.

  2. “The only “no” votes were from GOP members.”

    57 from the House and 11 from the Senate (13% of House members and 11% of Senators).

    It sums up “what we’re down to” in this country.

    We’re a “Constitution In Name Only” (CINO) country now.

  3. @Anniegirl
    What’s in your children and grandchildren’s wallets?

  4. The GOP establishment is just as invested in keeping their one stop money laundering shop in the Ukraine up and running as are Democrats. No surprise here.

  5. It’s a vehicle for kickbacks to Washington pols.

  6. @ Cynic MAY 27, 2022 AT 2:01 PM

    That is the long and short of it.

  7. To cover up the Biteme crime family syndicate dealings with Burisma – EVERYBODY knows that!!!

  8. Bipartisanship is Republicans grabbing their ankles and Democrats giving it to them good and hard!


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