It’s clear the Texas school shooter was mentally sick, so why wasn’t he stopped? – IOTW Report

It’s clear the Texas school shooter was mentally sick, so why wasn’t he stopped?

American Thinker:
By Olivia Murray

As details emerge about the massacre at Robb Elementary School, we are learning that the suspected shooter, Salvador Ramos, showed obvious signs of severe mental illness and instability.

In a photo circulating across social media, Ramos stands in front of a mirror posing for a selfie. His demeanor is feminine and hypersexual – pouty lips and a shirt provocatively exposing his bare chest. Although this sort of behavior should be an obvious red flag, in a world of political correctness and leftist immorality, so few bat an eye, and innocent lives are irreparably shattered.

As is most often the case with shooting rampages, the suspects are known to authorities, and the alarm was sounded – Salvador Ramos was no different. more

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  1. Also, there was 2 kids 4 years ago who were arrested there that were making terroristic threats though their names are withheld. Was one of those kids the one in the latest incident and if so, what has he been up to for the last 4 years? What agency of the federal government has had prior contact? Was he in ‘therapy’ (mkultra)?

  2. One wonders if his last name protected him from the police like the Parkland shooter.
    So afraid of being called racist they let an obvious threat loose.

  3. With all the wheels that have been deliberately set in motion by the Socialist/Communists:
    Turning violent prisoners lose
    Catch & Release
    Soft, Socialist DAs
    Goading people with divisive speech and programs (CRT for one)
    The whole Southern Border debacle

    I get the impression that the FBI and this administration just kick back and watch the news while munching on popcorn just waiting for their witches concoction of chaos to blow up!

    Ramos purchased almost $4,000 of weoponry and ammuition.
    Inquiring minds want to know: Who helped this asshole?

  4. Ramos’ mother:

    “He had his reasons for doing what he did and please don’t judge him. I only want the innocent children who died to forgive me.”

    Rotten tree, rotten apple – and now, rotten police.

    Rotten schools, rotten bureaucrats, rotten elected officials, rotten Congress, rotten criminal/stolen Presidency…

    This ‘country’ is clearly not what we think it is.

  5. TRF

    It could be, however I’ve heard it described as his truck numerous times. I guess they could of just meant he was driving it.
    It’s strikes me odd that that department has a BearCat armored assault vehicle but no ballistic shields. Hey here’s an idea, breach the door with the BearCat. Or go around back and shoot the son of a bitch through the windows. Why were they so fixated on breaching that door? A dead loser. Very stupid people. I’m starting to think it was a really sloppy False Flag.

  6. It’s like Officer Gregg says on his YouTube channel, OG’s Danger Show:

    Nobody is coming. It’s up to you.

  7. Well I wan’t there, so it’s tough to second guess, but it seems to me that something could have and should have been done to at least distract the attention of this SOB until the calvary showed up!

    BTW, I don’t use the term SOB lightly here. His mother tearfully begged people not to judge her son and says ‘I know he had his reasons for doing what he did’
    Really??? You gotta be f*ckin kidding me! That’s as twisted as anything I could imagine! No wonder the kid turned out to be AFU!

  8. Brad – All armed up and out of ideas is no way to run a police department, especially when children are involved!!

  9. TRF

    His moms been a junkie since she was like 5 years old. That’s why the little Trans killer was living with granny playing demented video games all day. Kinda funny how no news outlet has the balls to touch that third rail huh.
    I’ve been through my fair share of tactical rifle and pistol classes. A couple good ones, most not so much. But that group gets really fixated on only one approach to solve the problem or eliminate the threat. It’s kind of like this is what we trained for so we’ll do it this way even if there is a much easier way to solve the problem. Why try and go through that door? You probably will get shot. Apparently they had no perimeter set up. The latest update from the top cop was the officers on seen didn’t realize children were at risk. WTF? I guess they just assumed they were all already dead.

  10. ^^^^^^^^^
    ” didn’t realize children were at risk.”
    But they got their own kids out before breaching.

  11. ^^^^^^By a teacher just minutes before he went to that very door.

    OK, I’m putting on the tin foil.

  12. Yep Brad….That teachers name needs to known far and wide….The backstory says that he propped the door open to get his phone from his car, then returned and forgot to take the propping thingy out and lock the door?????

    The cops that didn’t go in are just plain cowards…

  13. Willy

    They keep correcting their story and fixing their time line and things just keep looking worse for them. Are they trying to tell us something or are they just this stupid? Weird.

  14. If there is another incident in Texas schools….
    They will select a Lion for a commander,
    Instead of a Lamb.

  15. “Pass the popcorn. This is gonna be great!”

    “I know, right… working according to theory!”

  16. It’s clear the Texas school shooter was mentally sick, so why wasn’t he stopped?
    Stopped? Probably encouraged. Like MI.

  17. More red flags than a Chinese parade. Remember the Virginia Tech shooting? EVERYONE knew that Korean kid was a time bomb and they never did a damn thing about it.


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