Huge, Enthusiastic Crowd Gathered in Carson City Nevada for Trump Rally – IOTW Report

Huge, Enthusiastic Crowd Gathered in Carson City Nevada for Trump Rally


Nothing is slowing the Trump Train down!

Twitter users posted videos of the absolute massive crowd gathering in anticipation for President Donald Trump’s visit to Carson City Nevada.

The crowd was extremely enthusiastic, once again painting a stark contrast between Trump’s support in comparison to Joe Biden’s. more here

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  1. No lid put on Trump.
    Newsmax runs these live and it is so encouraging!
    I hope Trump wins in such a huge landslide there’s no way for the commies to cheat their way in.

  2. We tried to find a place to park around 10am (4pm rally) but the crowd was so huge that was impossible; however, I feel I was represented extremely well and grateful for those who got there ‘early’!!

  3. I wonder how these crowds, and Biden’s lack of them, will translate into votes at the ballot box?

    If Trump doesn’t win by an absolute landslide in the popular vote you will see violence from the Left such as has never been seen in this country.

    They have been led to expect a huge Biden win and believe that is what will happen, so if it doesn’t they will assume the election was stolen by crooked means.

    Another popular vote loss and electoral win will be our undoing, the Left will not accept it. They will not just be civil about it they way they have been for the last four years, they will be very violently proactive about it.

    We’ll know in a matter of days now, how do you expect things to go?

  4. If only we could put a lid on Chief Justice John Roberts. Voter fraud and ballot harvesting is the only way the left could win.
    Enthusiasm is at an all time high for Trump. I live in a liberal town but the surrounding rural area is all Trump all the time. I wear my Trump hat into a Sam’s or Costco and it runs 5 to 1 or better pro trump. At the hardware store or mom and pops stores and it is probably more like 20 to 1 pro Trump.
    Thankfully the Michigan Supreme court ruled that Whitmer* cannot continue to vote ballots indefinitely. Whitmer* wanted to continue until “every Michiganander vote has been counted”.
    What she meant was until every manufactured vote was counted to give the race to Biden.

    * Bitch

  5. Imagine the size of the crown if Hillary Clinton finally gets arrested and brought to court.


  6. I reckon Governor Slestak has given up trying his dirty covid tricks to stop Trump.

    And Governor “8645” Whitler, We’ve got your number.


  7. I watch all the rallies on RSBNetwork online. They are the best. They cover all President Trump’s rallies. They also did a fine job outside at Walter Reed hospital when President Trump was there for a few days.

  8. I don’t know why anyone would think that people who wait in line under the scorching sun, a downpour, and in freezing cold for hours (and sometimes days), or who risks getting beat up by anitfa/burnlootmurder while out rallying for Trump and this nation, would not crawl over broken glass to vote in the GE for Trump.

    Despite big media’s complicity in this coup, more people than ever are seeing this enthusiasm for our president.

  9. Tucson rally just as exciting. Bit of a walk and well worth it. So much fun being around America loving citizens not only manifesting their love of our country, maybe half were wearing Christian themed jewelry. Crowd made up of every walk of life.


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