Huge pro-Palestine protest surrounds White House, smoke bombs set off, demands ‘butcher’ Biden be arrested for war crimes – IOTW Report

Huge pro-Palestine protest surrounds White House, smoke bombs set off, demands ‘butcher’ Biden be arrested for war crimes


pro-Palestinian activists demanding an end to the war in Gaza staged a massive protest that surrounded the White House, and there were smoke bombs ignited. Progressives vehemently demanded that President Joe Biden be arrested for war crimes for the U.S. involvement in the Israel-Hamas War.

Thousands of demonstrators descended on Washington on Saturday to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.

Julio Rosas – National Correspondent for Blaze Media – covered the protest and posted videos on his X social media account.

The crowd chanted: “Hey Joe Biden, you’re a sellout! Pack your bags and get the hell out! Biden you’re a liar! We demand a ceasefire! How many kids have you killed today!” more

18 Comments on Huge pro-Palestine protest surrounds White House, smoke bombs set off, demands ‘butcher’ Biden be arrested for war crimes

  1. A) not sure the building has much to do with the decision making, Shouldn’t they be in Europe? B) Shouldn’t they protest at the Oval Office “stage” over at the Treasury building? C) “Smoke bombs” = incendiary device, where were the FBI and BATFE goons?

    Perhaps another “hint” to Joetato, but I don’t believe he has any decision capability at this time.

    Nonetheless, round ’em up, sort ’em out and any foreign mationals get visa revoked with immediate deportation.

    The rest can ne presumed to be supporters of a terrorist organization, and imprisoned. They can wait for J6 hostages to get their due process.

  2. Round up those filthy America-hating insurrectionists, and do it to them vigorously with batons and tasers and lots and lots of pepper sp…

    Oh, wait. It’s Joey they want to arrest?

    Hmm. Lemme think on that for a sec.

    Here’s the deal. They gotta promise to put him in a Turkish prison.

  3. Round them up and send them to Palestine. Especially the Gays for Palestine.
    Sending Gays to Palestine is the proverbial killing 2 birds with one stone.
    Take a lot of noise, to keep Hunter’s trial out of the news.

  4. He should be arrested for so many different classes of crimes its not even funny anymore. Crimes against humanity for sure, but TREASON for starters.

  5. Im OK with Pedo being executed for war crimes.

    Not the same ones THESE idiots mean, but war crimes withal, so what the hell, at least everyone agrees hes SOME kind of war criminal; so using the Merchan precident that we dont have to agree on a SPECIFIC crime, that means its time to hang him high…

  6. I often wonder why it took this kind of shit for people to finally wake up and recognize the followers of the progressive worldview for what they have been telling everyone they are.

  7. Paid and transported protesters.
    Idiots, Israel as a sovereign nation, will make their own decisions. Unlike Joe who have many Obama handlers telling Joe what to to do and say.
    Under Biden the US Tax Payer MILLIONS Paid to Palestinians don’t listen to anyone but Iran.
    And Netanyahu who has been alienated and threatened by Joe’s handlers will continue to eliminate Hamas to ensue the safety of his country and citizens.

  8. Not a word about this in CNN. Not surprising, but worth noting.

    It probably galls them that Pro-Hamassers hate Biden and CNN doesn’t know how to manage a contradiction like this.

    I can hear them talking amongst themselves: Why don’t they understand that Joe Biden is their best friend? He ordered Israel to back off, didn’t he? I know, these demonstrators have been brainwashed by Trump. That’s gotta be it. Nothing else explains it.


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