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Huma Abedin Email Attacked Jewish Group

DailyCaller: Huma Abedin, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, urged former President Bill Clinton in 2009 to reject a speaking invitation before the American Israel Public Affairs Council (AIPAC), asking his assistant in an email, do “u really want to consider sending him into that crowd?”

Abedin’s comment about “that crowd” has sparked anger and consternation among Jewish and non-Jewish leaders who consider it hostile to Jews and to the State of Israel. Her comments are raising uncomfortable questions about Abedin’s past and her family’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.


8 Comments on Huma Abedin Email Attacked Jewish Group

  1. They all thought she was okay because she was married to a Jew. They were wrong. But they’ll still excuse her, because Trump retweeted a six-sided star that one time. Hitler.

  2. I’m glad that it “has sparked anger and consternation among Jewish and non-Jewish leaders”. Time to open your eyes and really see who you are supporting. They hate you.

  3. Electing Hillary keeps the presidency under the watchful influence of the moslim Brotherhood.

    Huma alone is reason enough not to elect her.

    My good friend in Israel, jewish of course, can’t understand why his entire family lines up for Hillary and are life long REgressives. I tell him that like every REgressive, their ideology is where their allegiance lies. Everything else is secondary.

    Even family, which is why he’s the black sheep of the bunch.

  4. Saying that Huma and her family have “ties” to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood is like saying Wayne LaPierre has ties to the NRA.

  5. Huma is referred to in Jewish circles as “that cunt.”

  6. All my Jewish friends, rich or poor, young or old, vote slavishly Democrat.

    The Dems have brilliantly positioned themselves as the Only Possible Party for Good Caring Smart Compassionate People.

    Dem Jews have no gratitude to Mean Conservatives for supporting Israel.
    Many have been brainwashed that Israel is South Africa, apartheid and all.

    Dems exploit Jews’ cultural ambiguities very expertly, with the experience of over a century.

    Continuing Dem rule means their grandchildren, if any, will grow up under Sharia (whatever final form it takes in North America).
    That doesn’t faze them, because the NYT/WaPo/NPR is their primary news source.

  7. Any Jewish person who votes for Hillary are no better than the Kapos in the camps.
    Stupid AND Traitorous !

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