Humpback whale breaches the water and lands on a boat – IOTW Report

Humpback whale breaches the water and lands on a boat

What a friggin’ hump.

I like the part where you can hear the upbeat Mexican music as the whale nearly kills a guy.

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  1. Nature is not cute and cuddly and will kill you if it can, sometimes just for the sheer wild hell of it.

    You may love nature, but nature will never love you back.

  2. I grew up swimming in the St. Clair river at the mouth of lake Huron.
    I was swimming around pilings that used to be there when lake freighters used to tie up and unload aggregate supplies for local industry.
    As I came around a group of pilings on the river bed I came eye to eye to a lake sturgeon.
    I was probably a scared as that person because I didn’t know what a sturgeon was. Fastest water exit I ever made.

  3. Different Tim MAY 19, 2022 AT 6:17 PM: First time I saw one scuba diving in the river I thought it was a mutant legless gator. The thing was easily five feet long.

  4. My son when he was in his teens along with his cousins found a large sturgeon skeleton on the Snake River near Chief Timothy state park just West of Clarkston, Wash. in the mid 90’s when we were down there camping. They were quite impressed.

  5. I wish people would learn to video wolfing their phone horizontally. And using the zoom would be a bonus.

  6. Tony R MAY 19, 2022 AT 7:56 PM: Phone wolfing! Tony you may have started a new thing, I don’t know what it could be but it sounds really groovy.

  7. Humpback whales and phone wolfs are natural enemies in the wild.

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The whale was humping the boat.

  9. They used to have (I don’t know if it’s there anymore) a large whale penis hanging from the ceiling on display in one of the curio shops down on Seattle’s waterfront in the mid 90’s when we were down there as a family visiting Seattle and Pike Place market and the Seattle Aquarium. My son again was in his teens thought that was one of the greatest things that he’d ever seen.

  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^6

    I’m not doubting you…just…WTH man?

    even if it was seattle

  11. They need pants. Nobody wants to see a giant whale wang.

    But yeah, the idea of this giant crazy bastard running loose on land body slamming convenience stores and government subsidized housing is terrifying. Is what politically correct douche nozzles would say.

    Maybe not pants. Maybe lederhosen. You know what? If whales went for the whole Oktoberfest look, lil hat,nice shirt.. they wouldn’t be so terrifying.

    Might even be welcome on land. Whale breached houses and freeway overpasses? Aw, it’s just Oktoberfest. Who can blame them? They must be drunk.

    Definitely whales should go totally German in dress and outlook so as to become as beloved around the world as that nation is.


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