Hundreds of ‘black churches’ to be shown VP Harris video urging a vote for McAuliffe


More than 300 “black churches” in Virginia will be shown a video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris urging members to vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former governor Terry McAuliffe ahead of the Nov. 2 election in a presentation some have suggested is unconstitutional and illegal.

The video was “first obtained by CNN” and included in a tweet posted by one of the network’s national correspondents, Eva McKend.

“More than 300 Black churches across VA will hear from @KamalaHarris btwn Sun. and November 2 in video message that will air during morning services as part of outreach effort aimed to boost @TerryMcAuliffe,” noted in her post.  more here

21 Comments on Hundreds of ‘black churches’ to be shown VP Harris video urging a vote for McAuliffe

  1. Now why would they waste the time and money as they have probably already bribed the ministers with excess Covid Relief funds!

  2. Whutchewtalkinbout?
    Ima talk bout special Black privilege here that ONLY Blacks get cuz actually revoking their tax-exempt status for violating election law would be… yup – yew guessed it – – RACIST!

  3. How much you want to bet that these churches are also voting stations? They’re basically telling the parishioners that “We know you’ve been told who to vote for. We know who you are. We know wear you live. And we will be able to view your ballot. And if you don’t vote for who you’re told to vote for, there will be an unfortunate ‘drive by’ at your home.”.

    This is how black “democracy” works. None of these fucking “churches” should get a tax write-off… none.

  4. Tim – FJB

    Sometimes she identifies as a black woman, her black secret service body guard carries 15 flavors of hot sauce just in case. come on man. When the script calls for a black woman Kamalala plays the part. I’m sure they use a darker shade of makeup.

  5. If they are Christian churches, then their efforts are of no avail; Christians know who these politicians, of both “sides,” serve. If however, they are churches of blackness, well then they’ve wasted their money as those congregations will vote “D” no matter what.

  6. Mysteriously, hundreds of “black” churches throughout Virginia suddenly burst into flames, all at the same time.

  7. On Clinton’s watch the Feds monitored Catholic churches before elections. Catholic churches were warned to NOT talk about abortion or they’d risk losing their tax exempt status.

  8. It’s very hard for Dimmorats to separate church and state when their god is government. So now we have a member of the godless party who achieved her position based on who knows what (certainly not merit), who happens to be a mulatto Jamindian from a slave holding family campaigning in black churches on behalf of an old white racist. Who needs Hollyweird when entertainment like this is available?

  9. In Virginia it’s always a close race but somehow the democrats come out winning. I can’t imagine how that happens.

  10. Reminds of the otherwise laughable time the dumpy loser-housewife Clinton woman tried to give a speech in black churches attended by black women with her fake southern drawl in an attempt to impress them: “aaahhhmmmm not nowaaaaaysss taaaard….” Church attendees rolled their eyes and snickered. The rejected housewife lost anyway. Same goes for the fake-laugh and pretentious dump Harris woman.

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