Biden makes another memorial about himself

DefConNews: Joe Biden Implies His Dead Son Beau Was A Cop Killed In The Line Of Duty.

When Joe Biden met with the families of the fallen U.S. service members who were killed in Afghanistan due to his incompetence, all he could talk about was his dead son Beau, implying he was killed in combat too. This weekend, Biden delivered a speech to the families of fallen law enforcement officers and all he could talk about was his dead son Beau, implying he was a cop killed in the line of duty. For the record, Beau was a lawyer who died from brain cancer. He never saw combat and certainly was never killed in the line of any kind of duty.

On Saturday, Biden attempted to pay tribute to the police officers who were killed in 2019 and 2020 by giving another terrible speech at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on the West Front of the United States Capitol.

Biden started out with this:

“Most importantly, to the families here today, the is all about you,” said Biden.

But then of course he made it all about himself. He announced that he didn’t personally know any of the officers who were killed but he did know a couple of cops when he was younger.

“I don’t know any of the personally who have fallen, any of the individuals…I feel I know them there without having ever having met them. You see, I grew up in a neighborhoods…where I grew up with the guys and women that we’re honoring today,” said Biden.

He listed two people who knew who became police officers, but didn’t mention if they had been killed in the line of duty or not. I’m guessing not, because otherwise he would have used that to get the focus on his “pain and suffering.” more here

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  1. He has to get pity mileage out of his dead son. He got all the use out of the death of his first wife who killed herself and one of their children in a drunken car crash because she was despondent that Joe was diddling his side piece, Jill.

  2. Funny how he never talks about his crooked, filthy road-apple son that obviously didn’t fall far from the horse’s ass!

  3. TRF, you mean his other son, Blow? Maybe Blow should have been giving that speech. I’m sure he has met a few cops in his day. Or at least there are more than a few cops familiar with him.

  4. He did, however, meet a few secret service females who he gave the great and sacred honor of seeing him as nude as a new born turd! Eat your heart out Buttifag!

  5. Beau had the good taste to pass away before we uncovered he was just as big a grifting waste-of-space as Hunter.

  6. “His dead son discovered the North Pole, or was it the South?”

    “Beau discovered the East Pole.”

    And his brother, Hunter, discovered the Stripper’s Pole.

  7. Why would anyone care what this Usurping traitor babbles?

    Fuck Joe Biden.
    Fuck all usurpers.
    Fuck all traitors.

    mortem tyrannis. When we’ve had enough, we’ll have had enough.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Common and known lifelong chronic liar and pedofyle is Joe Butt-Wipe Biden….I…I…I…attention-seeker and laughable narcissist. Of course he can’t hold up the other son for display who was-is an crackhead laptop pedo fake artist hooker-panderer ambassador for…where….maybe san francisco…or is that china….? lolol

  9. The only reason Jill Biden is still hanging around this retard (that’s Joe, for the record) is because she is still running the WH, trying to keep him as poster child…they have the fake WH because they can’t let him in the real one. They just bounce him from fake WH to ‘vacation’ to ? and back.

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