Hypocrisy At It’s Finest! Abortion vs Vaccine: My Body, My Choice – Dr. David Dinkweaver – IOTW Report

Hypocrisy At It’s Finest! Abortion vs Vaccine: My Body, My Choice – Dr. David Dinkweaver

Dr. Dinkweaver-

There was an interesting string on Facebook recently, some discussion about vaccines and choices, and stuff like that.

Facebook Post:  “My getting an abortion affects you how exactly?! You NOT getting the vaccine can make me sick!!!”

Response from some “silly person” –

“Hmmm, well, an abortion results in the death of a human being, and they had no choice in the matter. After the abortion, the human is dead, killed, deceased. There is no gray area. It’s not “well maybe the human being is killed or maybe not.”  But it’s just your body and your choice. Correct? 

If vaccines and masks work, then all you have to do is choose to wear your mask (I’m sure you always wear an N-95 mask). Coupled with your vaccine you have no chance of getting sick. Correct?  Also, you could just choose to stay home and have your groceries delivered to you, correct?  Staying home is the sure-fire way choice to avoid contact with the virus. After all, you’re the one that doesn’t want to get sick from someone else, so you can choose to do everything you can to avoid contact with other people. 

Someone choosing “NOT to get the vaccine “ can NOT make you sick because you have the choice to get vaccinated and to always wear your N95 mask. 

Also, it seems possible that people who don’t get the vaccine can…..

-Never contract the virus

-Contract the virus and get NO symptoms

-Contract the virus and have minor symptoms

-Contract the virus and have serious symptoms

I would think “my body my choice” would apply here too, no?  But that’s just me, and the sentiment of other American Citizens who have certain freedoms. 

As far as I know, no one is preventing anyone from getting the vaccine (once, twice, three times, booster) etc. and wearing a mask whenever they want. People are free to make the choice of taking the vaccine and wearing a mask, just like people should be free to make the choice not to take the vaccine and not wear a mask.

I’ve been told I’m “not the sharpest tack in the box”, which, I believe, means I’m “not very
bright”, but this seems like a reasonable argument to me.


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  1. The vaccine isn’t about individual choice to the marxists, it’s about the collective. As long as there’s 1 unvaxxed person that doesn’t obey, every single vaxxed person is in danger. Welcome to the collective. The unvaxxed are a threat to society with their individualistic ways and must be eradicated/educated/injected to accept and become part of the collective. There is no alternative, no choice, because there is none offered. you MUST accept.

  2. The people obsessed with the triple mask/shield/shot may as well carry around a lucky coin, too.

    Oh, and it’s not a true pandemic unless people are dropping dead in the streets en mass. But by today’s definition of it, you can call the common cold or gingivitis a pandemic.

    The Black Death was a pandemic.
    Besides all the puss-filled growths on the body and vomit, this was fun, too:

    “Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, which can be as large as chicken eggs, in the groin, armpit, or neck. They may be tender and warm. Others include fever, chills, headache, fatigue, and muscle aches.”

    The pneumonia version killed in 24 to 48 hours. And it was brutal.

  3. Conservatives will keep losing on the abortion argument because they seem to refuse to recognize the following, which also makes the attempt to use “my body my choice” ineffective.

    The fetus is a “human being” under U.S. law BUT is not (legal term of art) a “PERSON” under U.S. law. (And, by the way, the term “person” includes corporations.)

    The fetus does not attain the “right to life” until it is born, just as minor individuals who may be “persons” under the law also do not have various rights (to own and control property, or the right of association, or the right to vote, etc.) except upon attaining certain milestones of age.

    Legally, the fetus is human “property” not “person”. (That’s why there are laws that punish those who damage or kill someone else’s property while other laws concurrently allow abortions.)

    It is fruitless to argue with an opponent on their paradigms using words with different definitions, and worse, missing the arguements that could have and should have been made.

    This has exasperated me for decades. I am tired of talking my head off.

    The “my body my choice” is not analogous — or useful — for this reason with regard to the vaccine argument. And it misses better analogies, which may include forced servitude, battery, existing medical consent laws, and so forth.

    Same with stubbornly insisting on using the word “gender” in place of “sex”, or even using the idiotic redundant phrase “biological sex”.

    Same with confusing “marriage” under the law with what is altogether something other than “marriage” under religious perspectives (has nothing to do with what individuals are allowed to “document” marriages for recognition by the state).

    There are many of these word issues, and they have completely eluded most of the conservative public for decades. One reason we are where we are…

  4. It’s actually about crushing resistance and our spirit, punishing us so we won’t dare question or resist “government” mandates ever again.
    Are we ready, boys & girls?

  5. Democrat Communists: “My body my choice”.

    Also Democrat Communists: “Your body my choice”.

    Telling everyone else they need to vaccinate to protect you is effing ridiculous.
    Does everyone else need to open their umbrellas before yours will work on a rainy day?
    Good lord! Just how dumbed down have our schools become and how many have graduated in the bottom of their class?

  6. Effing progs…out of one side of their mouth, they want euthanasia, and population control through abortion. But THEY don’t want to die from covid…just us peasants. Sigh…do these idiots even KNOW what they want?


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