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I agree there are bad cops – HERE IS ONE OF THE WORST!!!

Listen to this a-hole. He is harassing a homeowner because there are 10 people in the house!!!

Does YAL have evidence that the police are only doing this at “Jewish gatherings”?

I’m not sure this is Jewish persecution, but maybe it is. At the very least this is the state out of control.

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  1. My heavens! There was a house in our hood w/25 Pakis and just as many cars, There was nothing we could do about it.

  2. When will Mayor Warren Wilhelm put on his arm band and start labeling houses with Juden Verboten? Dude is a nazi. He hates the Joooooooooos.

  3. For the last 18 years liberal: cops, deputies, D.A’s, and A.G’s have been bad for Americans. Good for Criminal aliens and liberals.

  4. Larry, which science exactly am I denying? The one that predicted 2 million deaths, or the one that said masks are not effective, or the one that says being 6 feet apart is safe for socializing, or the one that really doesn’t know what we’re dealing with here but the government is funding their research so they are “finding results” that are satisfactory to their money source? Which is it?

  5. Don’t blame the poor SS thug, I mean jack booted DiBlasio Gestapo trooper, oops I mean police officer – He vas just following orders Mein Fuhrer! Scary that there are Americans in police uniforms that are this bent that they will visit Nazi tactics on their fellow citizens. Very Scary.

  6. By the way anonymous, please be more specific on what exactly they (who is they) are doing to the muslims in this country? They are a protected class of America haters.

  7. None of the clown houses hold a candle to an Asian flop house. I remember years ago a friend told me to go outside and look through the sliding glass door next door.
    It took awhile for my eyes to adjust. I was wondering if what I was seeing was an illusion.
    On the floor of the apartment were at least 20 dudes, arranged for maximum square footage, sleeping.
    My friend said this was one of three shifts. They all slept there for 8 hours at a clip. There were 60 people living in a studio apartment!!! 20 at a time.

  8. If I was that cop I would tell them,”It is a good thing that you only have 8 people here. Keep the noise down, have a good time, because your democrat mayor wants me to fine you.”

  9. I don’t believe you Hat.

    After all, you’re the heartless monster who wants to name my new dog ADOLF PITLER.

  10. We are planning the next destructive riot on the downtown area and trying to decide is it whether to use Molotov cocktails or dynamite. We are also testing these hats and hairdos as disguises for attack. Your job here is done.

  11. I knew a guy that bought an old restaurant, maybe 30×40. Had 60 Mexicans living there, $5 a head per day. On Fridays head haul 10 in a pickup load the the Grocery store with the Western union, cash the checks, send money home, and pay their rent. No showers, just his and hers bathrooms and a small kitchen. A Democrats dream, $9000 a month, on a single apartment.
    That was the Obamas plan in doing away with single family housing. Each house could be divided into 4, 5, 10 apartments.

  12. NYPD = Nazi SS! Next thing they’ll want to tattoo numbers on people and make them wear identifying emblem on their clothes….. Its amazing how fast DemoKKKrats forget…

  13. Could someone please explain to me why cops (well, the ones on camera like in the show COPS) always tack on the words “for me” after ordering someone to do something? Like: “Put your hands behind your back FOR ME”. “Get out of the car FOR ME”.

    What’s that about?

  14. Here’s my close encounter cop story:

    A number of years ago, I rented an apartment in a town south of Tampa. Shortly after I moved in, a couple of bounty hunters showed up looking for the former occupant (a guy) who had apparently been involved in insurance fraud, or so they said. They knew I wasn’t who they were looking for and they were respectful and very funny, actually. I shot the breeze with them for a while, directed them to the management office and said goodbye. They warned me before they left that the cops would probably show up, too.

    Sure enough, about a week later, I was under the weather with some upper respiratory yuck and trying to sleep one afternoon when there was this godawful pounding at the door.

    I opened it and lo and behold, there were two sheriffs, one was a skinny runty guy and the other a very large, butch looking woman. They were looking for the fraudster and I explained how I had recently moved in and didn’t know anything about him and directed them to the management office.

    Oh, no, that’s not what they had in mind. They started in on me about how I might be the guy’s girlfriend and they wanted to come in and look around. I asked if they had a search warrant and they laughed and said “You don’t have any rights, not since the Patriot Act” and again repeated they wanted to come in an look around. The butch started yelling at me. The guy began to alert like a dog would before it attacked. His nostrils started to flare and quiver and his eyes looked like glazed marbles and his body was actually vibrating.

    I realized then and there that even though they knew I wasn’t who they were looking for, they were bored and looking for a bit of fun to break up the day. If I refused, they were going to drag me out in handcuffs anyway and take me down to the pokey, just for sh*ts and giggles. Even though I was within my rights, they were going to make an example, which would have meant having to call an attorney, which I could ill afford, in order to get released.

    So I compromised with them and said, fine, look around, as long as you give me your supervisor’s number to call while you’re doing it. The guy gave me a card and came in and just stepped around casually, to prove to me he could do this and get away with it, while the butch stayed outside on the doorstep. Meanwhile, I’m on the phone with the supervisor who basically told me I was a pain in the arse and to let the guy look around.

    Fortunately, that’s all he did and they left with smirks on their faces to let me know they had made their point. The manager showed up as they were leaving and offered to give the cops the information they needed and said to me in a low voice: “Bastards.”

    Ever since, I’m not exactly a fan of “lore enforcement”. It was more like harassment.

  15. These apartment dwellers will vote Libtard again. It’s fucking incredible. It’s like they see a box car and self load. Amazing shit really.


    They can hear you just fine through the door, the side window, or whatever, you let them walk in, you can’t get them out, you invited them.

    FIGHT BACK. Against these people you have to ruin their careers by putting official complaints in their file so that they are a court liability.

    “Those who will not listen, must be made to FEEL!” However that needs to be done, it needs to be done.


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