“I don’t turn on the heat until my teeth chatter” – IOTW Report

“I don’t turn on the heat until my teeth chatter”

Thanks, Brandon.

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  1. Make absolutely no mistake about it, the individuals who actually cast legitimate ballots for this idiot knew exactly what they were voting for and are just as responsible.

  2. Finally! My 95 year old father-in-law, after seeing the fuel oil delivery bill asked why it was so high…I reminded him that “I told you so” when he actually voted for Biden in the last election (He’s been voting “D” since 1947).

    He dropped his eyes and said “I remember.” But you know he voted D during the midterms anyway.

    These people who blindly follow the illegitimate regime in office have destroyed our country along with the vote theft and ballot harvesting going on.

  3. Can’t help themselves.

    Jews, negroes, messicans ALL support the racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist, hate-filled, Destroy-American Demonrat Party.

    No sense to it, at all.
    But there it is.

    Biden could stick his dick in a 4 month old baby on national TV and he’d be defended by the Media, by the Party, and by Mittens, Murkowski, Cheney, McConnell, McCarthy and the rest of the RINOs.
    And the “responsible” LE would look the other way.

    We’re in free fall.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Starting with 1975 the IQ has been dropping 7 points every generation.
    The oldest had been brainwashed into thinking the Demoncrats will give them something. The youngest don’t have the brains to understand the only thing they are getting is the bill.

  5. Joe Biden is nothing more than an embezzling, money laundering, white-trash white-privilege wanna-be-elitist who has a vicious malicious malignant mean streak running down his spineless back.

  6. I voted for Trump hoping he would be a good president.
    The democrats vote for all kinds of losers knowing they will be poor or terrible leaders.
    Well at least they aren’t republicans?
    I’d like to believe I would vote for the best candidate regardless of political party. Just haven’t seen a democratic who comes close. Maybe an independent?

  7. During Feb. 1975 I came home on leave from the Navy and stayed with my brother and some of his friends in probably the oldest house in Spokane on the near N. side of downtown. The house was so old that it had no insulation and was heated by an old-fashioned wood stove in the center of the front room, and they heated it cherry red hot just to keep the house warm at night. Early in the morning it was so cold that you could see your breath inside that house and it was freezing and the first one up had to get that wood stove going by stoking the wood coals from the last nights fire. They were all a bunch of poor hippie wannabees (hey, it was the mid 70’s) living together as cheaply as possible. It was quite the disaster of an old house built sometime in the 1880’s and has since long been torn down. That was quite the 2 weeks spent with those knuckle heads, but they were all young and very adventurous at the time. I lived with 7 of these guys (we called ourselves the Guy’s house) for a year or so after I got out of the Navy in Aug. 1975 in a much better old house, we were all Christians, and all went to the same church and bought the house from an older friend of ours who is still a good friend 47 years later. It’s a wonder that any of the girls from the church married us with in a couple of year after living there. We would have water fights during the Summer inside that house just because we could and were all a bunch of young Christian knuckleheads. It was a great time to be young and alive and it’s a testament to God’s grace that we’re all still here and most of us are still married to our wives as well.

  8. In a recent podcast by Michael Savage, Savage presented a rather worrisome analogy about Biden, the destroyer and Traitor-in-Chief, who is like a spoiled, vindictive child who was given legal possession of a limited number of priceless, very old, and carefully-assembled American watches.

    He sits in his room like a spiteful, deranged child and disassembles them, one-by-one until all are lying in tiny pieces on the floor. Afterwards, he attempts to reassemble them, but cannot. So, he goes to another room to find other precious American historical hand-me-downs to destroy.

    At this point, no one knows whether all these precious watches can be reassembled back again.

  9. @Not Me, “Trump was a great President”. What years would that be? The first 2 years with a Republican Congress (House & Senate) he/Trump couldn’t get anything past. This is when his mandates kicked into play. Maybe it was Mexico will pay for the wall & it will be built in my/Trump’s term. Then the Covid-19 ,1st it’s a democratic hoax, then it’s nothing more than a cold. Next fast-tracked vaccines ALL HIS BABY trumptards. Greatest liar who ever held the office & then tried to overthrow our government…Greatest POS!
    Ron DeSantis America’s next President. Trump was a failure.

  10. My furnace is on but set on 68 because propane is so expensive. So I wear two shirts, long underwear, pants and two pair of socks in the house already inside. Real winter is not even here yet. FJB!


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