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I Dunno, Think He’s Muslim?

Elton Simpson – One of the Very Dead Shooters in Garland, Texas.


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  1. His other daddy say he was just trying to turn his life around. Got
    hung up with the wrong crowd? I dunno.

  2. I think he’s just a poser, a wannabe.
    IOW, an asshole.
    Better still…a dead asshole. The best kind.

    Edit: “WAS”…past tense.

  3. Swarthy.
    Brown eyes.
    Scraggly beard.
    Only thing missing is the funny hat.

  4. My favorite drawings were the two chalk outlines out front.

  5. Considering how much armed security there was, it is pretty clear these two dead assholes picked exactly the wrong get together to try and attack.

    That’s good and bad, because they could have easily hit the nearest shopping mall or some other soft target(s) instead. Therein lies the problem…these guys were heavily armed and could have done a great deal of damage if they had any brains and target discipline.

    I really worry about how much longer it will take for someone who really has their shit together pulls off a major hit in the US. It is a matter of time and I believe it will happen long before Premier Hussein leaves office.

  6. I bet F.D.R. and Eleanor saw that smile wiped off his face real fast. Can you two get him to take a selfie now and post it? >:)

  7. Apparently, the draw for him to Islam was the ’72 virgins’, cuz I really don’t see this guy rolling out a prayer rug 5x a day. Maybe doing a little blow, some H, and hangin’ ’round da pool hall talkin’ up ‘ho’s.

  8. Oh, my son, my son Elton, was just fixing to head off to college.

  9. Agreed Chieftain

    The 19 on 9/11 had a plan to maximize the fatalities, and sadly, succeeded in a big way.
    Lately these idiots barely get a shot off before reaching 72 virgin-degree room temperature.

    It won’t likely be long until something very big happens.
    When it does there won’t be enough room in Sandy Berger’s socks to cover up for Hussein’O

  10. His chin is naked.
    Did he lop his balls off?
    Only the hair is left.

  11. Of all the states in the USA, these two dumb shits picked TEXAS????

    Obviously, they were in a bigger hurry to die than we thought….

  12. Check out Islamberg, New York on Wikipedia. Just 3 hours drive N/W of NYC.

    I just hope the NY State Police are as aware and alert as the Garland TX. PD

    These mussies are all “peaceful” until they receive their orders!!!

  13. Is this the one who was sniveling on Twitter about being arrested by a woman in 2010? That really must have put a kink in his snackbar.

  14. I love martyrs in the Springtime…
    I love martyrs in the Fall….

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