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Illegal Alien Sues First Responders Who Saved His Life

Moonbattery: If ever one story was perfectly emblematic of America’s relationship with the rest of the world, here it is: illegal alien Roy Ortiz’s life was saved by first responders in the country he invaded. He is showing his thanks by suing his rescuers for $500,000.

Ortiz’s greedy lawyer tries and fails to provide any reason why we should not tar and feather his client before sending him back across the border by catapult.

6 Comments on Illegal Alien Sues First Responders Who Saved His Life

  1. Hmmm, did the court where he is suing the first responder have to provide a translator? That would be insult to injury.

  2. Just a matter of time before the Supreme Court rules on giving him significantly more benefits, privileges and rewards courtesy of the American taxpayers. After all, according to the Surreal Court and the Supreme Leader B. Hussein Obunghole, the constitution was intended for the use and abuse of the world community. Now all you whiny taxpayers pay up and shut up!

  3. Could install the “do not resuscitate”
    mantra for illegals and solve a lot of the immigration problems.

  4. In Meh-heeee-co, a Gringo in the same situation would be charged with immigration violations, thrown in jail and not given medical attention and made to pay for his rescue. Here in Estados Unidos de Los Stupidos, we save his miserable life, kiss his ass, pay his medical bills and let him sue the people who saved his miserable life.

    Of course, we can be thankful that he hasn’t asked for a free sex change…. yet.

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