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Tell Me More About the Daily Mail Being Right-Wing. They Publish Anti-Geller Hit Piece

The woman behind anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoon contest and her long history of hatred

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  1. DM seems to not realize that you can not be for free speech and support islam at the same time. The classification of a hate group is wrongly pointed at Geller; did they already forget who opened fire outside the event because it seems to me the group responsible for opening fire outside the event is the hate group.

  2. If someone were to take a shot at the dude who did that anti-art piss Christ or otherwise do damage to the “art” gallery showing the piece, would these allegedly independent thinkers say the artist/gallery owners/promoters were promoting “hate” via their blasphemy?

    I would never do or advocate any violent action like that, I’m just pointing out the Blame The Victim methodology going on here

  3. I already debated some bint on Twtter. She went away wit no response.
    I asked if she would call out the LGBT community for provoking devout Christian bakers, by asking them to bake gay cakes, if the bakers shot the gay people.

  4. I think most media are referring to the contest as “controversial, muhammad contest” etc. Provoking anger in the muslim community, poking the hornets nest. They seem to be suggesting that freedom of speech isn’t really that important and should never be critical of islam.

    Piss Christ and dung Madonna art is OK though, as Christians
    don’t slaughter anyone in retaliation.

    We are definitely fucked up. FUBAR.

  5. DM often refrains from printing my comments (I’ve learned it depends on whether the “editors” are moderating or not.) They never “moderate” noncontroversial articles–they ALWAYS print me then–but my anti-Left, pro-Conservative, pro-Israel comments won’t get in. I go there mainly for their variety & stories from around the world. But politically, they ALWAYS pitch Left.

  6. yah…I was pissed when I saw this checking the news this morning. But considering that Britain’s approach to home grown muzzie terrorists is to not annoy them in any way, I am not surprised to see the Mail trash Pamela Geller.

  7. The ONLY reason a fish-wrap exists it to sell ads. Period.

    In the UK, political correctness has long ago run amok, and the whole paradigm concerning Islam and “hate speech” has shifted far to the left. To wit, part of the Daily Mail reading audience is Muslim, and if they stop reading this newspaper, it will go the way of the bowler hat and sock garters. And the British Empire.

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