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  1. That dream will never happen. That relationship is done, finito, over. I wish Perry would challenge him for his seat. It’s Perry’s for the taking.

  2. I don’t know, Brad.

    I see act three as a ceiling raiser.
    Can Cruz be so stupid as to not want to play the role of the guy that comes in and gives that last bit of momentum where the entire party coalesces, with the imprimatur of Cruz, around Trump, creating an amazing and unstoppable vibe?

    We’ve been told Cruz is brilliant.
    If it’s true he will do the brilliant move.

  3. A Cruz actIII 10 to 14 days before the election would have a much greater impact than late aug or sep.

    If he is bold and brave enough to play it that way then my hat will be off to him.

    Udderwise, no spilt milk I guess

  4. BFH, Cruz vanity is a big problem. If you get beat you try and improve your game. Get smarter, more competitive. Learn from the champ. That’s not happening.

  5. TO Fur and Perspective

    I suspect it’s almost too late already for such a “Revelation” to make a difference.

    Were Cruz to voice support for Trump now (be it tomorrow or mid-October), the NTers would merely push him aside, saying he’s a sell-out: they are a RABID bunch, determined to burn it down.

  6. I would just love to see it, just to see how they would react.
    I love to watch people with brain turmoil. It was the appeal of Candid Camera.

  7. TO Fur

    I understand and agree; the more folks side with Trump, the more “cornered” the NTers get. It sure couldn’t hurt if it happened.

  8. If nothing else,the associated nT fuss over a revelation would put Trump in the news. And ya, it couldn’t hurt.

    Can’t guess what cruz will do, but that would be a good time to make a move.

  9. I believe Cruz absolutely will not make a public plea to get the party together. He’s a slimy SOB. He’s a liar. And bet your ass that he still is holding out for a Trump defeat and a 2020 run. He had his chance to make nice with an endorsement at the Convention when the spotlight was solely on him. He choose otherwise.

    Right now there is a PAC running ads against Trump in swing states. He could shut that down with a phone call(I know wink wink)

    His name is mud among almost every Texan I talk with. And for good reason.

  10. Agree, MM…for mainly one reason: Cruz has *nothing* to gain from such as endorsement (not that you or I can’t see one, but from his perspective).

  11. It’s a great graphic. All Cruz has to do is take the path of least resistance, do what is right. If he continues to fight it, his name will continue to be on that many more shitlists. Has to end somewhere. Somehow.

  12. @Rat Fink
    Aye, but then again, when haven’t the clinton’s been covered in filth? I think it started as early as jr high. They probably wouldn’t notice until all of the oxygen left their lungs.

  13. Not going to happen. “October Surprise” isn’t a surprise anymore. A handful of blogs against Trump aren’t indicative of hundreds of thousands of #NT voters; the Alexa graphs already show that. Why this push, suddenly, to woo Cruz “supporters”?

    Does anyone here remember that Ted Cruz was one of the first of the GOPe to accuse Trump of causing violence against his own rally-goers in Chicago by simply exercising his 1A rights? I hope Cruz loses his seat.

  14. TO BillyF

    After Trump letting Cruz speak at the Convention (and seeing what Cruz did), I’d say
    A) Trump has little to gain by doing so, and
    B) Cruz’s word is not to be trusted.

  15. Czar, i agree with you. Would like to add that Trump enjoys negotiating and improving all the parties involved in the negotiation. So i think Trump would enter into negotiations with cruz if he felt there was an advantage. The fact that he hasnt means the relationship may be over.

  16. Nice graphic BFH!

    Cruz is history, and done. I expect most of his supporters have moved on. Any group without a leader or a purpose eventually dissipates and disperses.

    Cruz had his chance at the Convention, and for a window of time afterwards. And he missed it. Now, it would only be a footnote.

    I imagine Cruz, and his noisy but insignificant 1% online diehards, have all kinds of grandiose delusions about 2020.
    Really, who cares?
    Cruz and 2020 are like Hitler in the bunker, ordering nonexistent divisions to counterattack.

    I liked Cruz by the way and even after his campaign missteps showed his flaws I was one of those hoping he would be VP.
    Cruz made that all moot, and honestly I think he would have proved a liability on the ticket.

    Trump 2016

  17. Sadly, The nasty hag will win.
    I am voting enthusiastically for Mr Trump
    I live in Northern Virginia and know quite a few secret service that work in Congress (to protect their lazy butts) and Ted Cruz is a dirtbag of the highest degree. He would NEVER support Trump.
    Sadly, The nasty hag will win.

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