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I Have a Soft Spot For the Epithet “Crumb Bum”

Frank Rizzo, the Philadelphia Democrat mayor (who flipped Republican) and who famously implored voters to “vote white” (and later said it was a “poor choice of words”) would be spinning in his grave if he could see Philadelphia today.

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  1. People like Frank Rizzo are what got us where we are today. He and Daley and others thought they could do whatever they wanted because they held office.

    Well today a whole new breed of asshole holds office but they too think they can do whatever they want.

  2. Hard ass. We need more of them. I have mixed feelings about his time as Philly’s mayor. My family in s Philly loved him.

    The “community” about 6 blocks to the north? Not so much.

  3. “Vote white” is a poor choice of words, but it’s ok to openly, and with government funding, promote POC and ‘diversity’.

    But let’s focus on the RESULTS or either ‘poor choice’.
    Are ANY American cities better off than they were 40 years ago?? It’s not even close AND most areas have spent two generations of future away as they trashed formerly solid places to live.

    The only people who had a problem with Rizzo were those who skirted or dwelled on the wrong side of the law, IOW crumb bums.

  4. …. Rizzo didn’t take office to enrich himself; like him or not, he provided clear leadership. And took many arrows in his back and front to stand tall and do the dirty work that only courageous people dare do.
    Talk is cheap yeah, but deceitful talk, the lies of politicians, is very costly.

    RIP Mayor Rizzo


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