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I Have No Words

What is this an ad for?

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  1. The überwokesters don’t have an original or creative cell in their stinkin’ bodies. For years, the techie bois added features to existing programs and built ads around them for the sole purpose of showing off their cleverz to their techie boi competitors.

    Now the wokesters are similarly just showing off to the collectivist congregation. It’s all shit.

  2. A lot of commercials are like that now, apparently everyone in the US is now an ethnic minority, gay or tranny, disabled, etc etc. If a white man shows up he’ll be shown as a Homeresque dummy that needs to be corrected by a wise female. Most of the time I have no idea what they’re selling.

  3. Reality check: Young “athletic” females required to dressed like ghouls by totalitarian regimes are “allowed” to play sports…and live…only if they never disobey Islamic edicts. Step out of line and it means being permanently benched…for eternity. The woke never tells, “the rest of the story”;
    A classic response to wokeness.

  4. All these companies hate real women. Saks is now advertising a Spring clothing line using men in the dresses. it’s hideous. Saks can kiss a lot of customers goodbye with this crap. If they want attention,they got it. Profits, not so much.

    This add is absurd unless it’s to air in a Muslim country. It would probably be offensive because the women are out in the fresh air with no walls to enclose them and no guardians.

  5. Comes across as an “in your face” thing, to me. Whatever is opposite and hopefully aggravating to normal society.

    I’ve seen kids and the left do things for just that sake.

    The left always wants to offend normal people. Might as well tat LOOK AT ME! on their forehead.

  6. My youngest likes to take pictures of wildlife. My oldest likes to take pictures of cars.

    Google: Fukc that normal shit! We got an AI to train.

    And they wonder why their AI is woke.


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