I Have One Question Regarding the Allen West Letter

What is exactly wrong with saying to your wife “are you my porn star?”?

Maybe I’m a decadent freak, but I really don’t see the problem with this.

What am I missing?

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  1. I’m with you 100%, BFH. No problem at all with such language between spouses. None. In fact, I think it is kind of cute, in a naughty-nice sort of way.

  2. You can make the case that porn is depraved, but a married couple, alone, behind closed doors, acting like porn stars is bad???
    The depravity is not WHAT the porn stars are doing, it’s that we are all watching.

    ^I doubt Allen West is talking about pimping out his wife, even if this supposed letter exists.

  3. My wife would kill me if I inferred she was a porn star. Porn stars in my opinion are basically prostitutes.
    IE sex for money.
    My wife,a psychiatrist, treats sex addicts/porn type people.
    They are usually very tormented people. Druggies,alcoholics,ect.

  4. I don’t care what he wrote in a personal letter to his wife while serving our country…I care that some freak got his hands on it and published it and is not either beat to a pulp or in jail!

    How would the world react if I ‘obtained’ a personal letter from Barry to the Mooch complaining about her not swallowing?

    The content of the letter matters none, the fact that some douche published it needs to be addressed!

  5. Well, here’s hoping we can keep the government AND the MSM out of our bedrooms.

    Chances are I’m a little late.

  6. Is this guy friggin’ serious? Sounds more like a cry for help than a blackmail attempt. If anything, this makes West look like even more awesome than we thought. The guy already makes Chuck Norris look like a pussy. I hope this turd get’s ID’d by a bunch of Army Rangers at a bar somewhere and gets the shit kicked out of him.

  7. I don’t know the whole story about this so-called controversy, but I would be willing to bet that it is more about his reference to God authorizing her…than the porn star comment, that has the libs’ panties in a wad.

    “…God has authorized you and you only as my partner for intimacy and that is what I want….Get ready!…”

  8. I think the world of Allen West, but I have to say, for a Tennessee grad, that’s pretty damn poetic.

  9. I think that’s kinda hot! Angela is lucky to have a manly man like Allen. As for the yarbleless eunuch that published the letter in his blog, he must be envious and wishing his boyfriend talked that way to him.

  10. I don’t think this letter exists. Angela would not put herself in a situation whereby a personal letter from Allen would escape her possession.

    Having been married to a wonderful man for 34 years, what’s said behind closed doors stays behind closed doors!

  11. How did the so called letter got out and into the hands of the muckraker? Perhaps a disgruntled employee. There should be some sort of investigation. I would hire a PI to track down this.
    Go for the juglar.

  12. “The depravity is not WHAT the porn stars are doing…


    Gee Fur, maybe you are a decadent freak.

    (& I say that in a nice way)

  13. To get into the good graces of the main street sodomite media, he should have taken a selfie of his junk and twittered it to an underage groupie. Preferably a man.

    But sine he isn’t a degenerate piece of shit he just told his wife that she made him happy to be a man. What a sick bastid.

  14. Why is it that sleazy reporters are all over THIS, when Obama’s truly pornographic past at the Chicago Men’s Club is a snoozer to them?

  15. @mkultra ~ Please! Obama’ momma wasn’t a whore. A whore implies she took money for her ‘services’. So Momma Obama was no whore.

    Actually, she was nothing more than a cheap slut, like Sandra Fluke.

  16. Tough being a man, with man thoughts,these days. What with all these fairies hanging on every word of man talk, ready to pounce. Great victory by Phil Robertson. As Ann Coulter says Phil “clipped their wings.” Keep it up men. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  17. I’d say it’s worse that 0bama’s mama posed for xrated pics and got no money for them. lolol.

  18. BB-
    Bedroom, hell. It’s all the outdoor sex on penthouse balconies and in moving vehicles that’s going to get Pinko in trouble. If he can’t control his woman during those “Frank Furillo lunches” downtown, then he’ll definitely have to pass on high office. Unless he…, well, runs as a Democrat… But that’s really crazy.

  19. Me thinks that a “man” who is reduced to the level of gossip columnist, is just jealous that Allan West has something that it takes to be a porn star.

    Seriously, a man…a gossip columnist? Pajama Boy would be proud of you, Josephine.

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