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  1. A legend. Anyone who lived in the NY Metro area knew who Bob Grant was.

    Curtis Sliwa on WABC today gave him a great on-air eulogy.

  2. I remember hating him in my younger days, but as I grew up and began paying taxes, I began to see that he hadn’t been and wasn’t wrong– I was.
    If you lived in the NY metro area and you listened to talk radio, you knew who he was.
    He also did a show while on WMCA from 6 to 7 with the editors of the Daily News where the news of that day was discussed with the reporters who covered the stories for the following day’s editions (the start of the 24 hour news cycle?). It made my evening drive home more enjoyable and provoked much discussion with my uncle who was riding home with me and who loved Grant from day 1. This was the uncle who laughed and reminded me that he told me I’d see Grant was right one day and who’d argue with me when I was younger and foolish.
    May they both RIP; I’m sure my Uncle Nick was there to shake Bob’s hand at the Gates.

  3. Im glad someone told us who he was,cause I’ve never seen his face before.
    I know we are not supposed to ask who someone is.
    I also rarely listen to talk radio.
    I too depize liberals. Liberals seem like children no matter their age.
    Again. Sorry for typing WHO?

  4. There are many great tributes to him on the internet today.

    Never had the opportunity to listen to his show — something tells me I would have loved him!

  5. I used to listen to him growing up in NJ. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was Paul Reiser from the old TV show “Mad About You”.

  6. Grant was a fearless pioneer when he was the only one out there and there was zero Conservative Media. I used to listen to him as a kid back in the early 70s as I rode in the car with my step father. Later on, he made driving a delivery truck something I looked forward to.
    This guy had courage. In the decades before Rush and the explosion of radio talk, Grant was all alone and Target Number One for liberals. It was all of them against one at that time.
    What made him even more hated by the left was that he rarely screened calls. This meant that you really could call and say anything. Grant had a technique of sometimes letting a nut job go on and hang himself (if it was entertaining) and the libs went ballistic and falsely accused him of endorsing the imbeciles.
    But he did it because he was truly committed to the “free and open exchange of ideas and opinions.”
    May he rest in peace. His influence counted and he used it.

  7. I loved listening to Bob Grant in the 90’s when I started to focus on politics for the first time. I used to record his shows and then save the best parts, mostly when he would rip on liberals and idiots. Oh, that’s basically the same thing, isn’t it.

    When I encounter idiots in my life, I usually will say “Oofah”, just like Bob did when somebody would say something ridiculous. I’ll honor his memory by using that word the rest of my life.

  8. Do people like this have shows you can listen to?
    Like a podcast page or did they not save his shows.
    My father used to record Larry King, I think out of Miami
    In the 70’s.on reel to reel. Why I don’t know
    Anyway it’s fun to Listen to these old tapes as Larry called out the next state to talk.

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