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I Hope Authorities Find These Imbeciles

BTW, Fox has to be the dumbest media broadcasting outlet.

They won’t show the faces of the men because they haven’t been arrested?????????

The police are searching for them, you dumb bastards.

Here are their faces-

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  1. Apparently, they need to make little ones out of big ones. We can accommodate them! (Though, I would suggest basalt so they have to work real hard at it.)

  2. @Brad Agreed! Banned for life from any state or National Park, Forest or monument.

    Reduce their ability to recreate to their neighborhood. They can camp in their own backyard.

    What complete and total loser asshats they are.

  3. Pencildicks attempting to enhance their manhood. Having studied clinical psychology I still do not understand some individual’s attraction to destruction. Although it is prevalent among the left. Just look what they’ve done to the country in three short years.

  4. My guess is intoxication. Why else would they be there like 12 year olds, doing that, with a small child in attendance. If only the men were falling and not the stones. Perhaps a guardian angel protected the little child?
    Full prosecution could happen, considering the shade of their skins.
    All in all, those guys are disgusting humans.

  5. Let he who never rolled a rock as a kid, cast the first stone. All they did is what nature would have done eventually. After the next rain you won’t even be able to tell.

  6. Stuff like this is why I’m a misanthrope. In general, I hate people because so many of them are worthless fucking idiots like this, too stupid, lazy, and selfish to contribute anything positive to the world; so, instead, they just engage in vandalism, crime, and destruction. Society is collapsing because our authorities no longer bother to punish the wicked sufficiently.

    These assholes should literally be horse whipped for this until they’re bleeding pints.


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