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I hope Comey doesn’t ask President Trump for a letter of recommendation

Because…. Donald Trump Breaks His Silence On Firing FBI Director James Comey.
See what was said at the link. ^

But before you go, I must ask you to put down your drinks, or at least protect your keyboards. We are at DEFCON Spew.

Moments after this photo was taken, President Trump ripped out Comey’s heart and showed it to him. 

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  1. ‘The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including the fact that he should be fired, but now they play so sad!’

    Laughed so hard i could pee in a United Airlines cup!
    Waiting for Comey’s lifeless body to be found in Fort Marcy Park shot twice in the back and declared a tragic suicide by Killary.

  2. Schumer and the others in the Democrat/Left choir have been crying for an independent counsel for so long now that the forget one thing. If Obama had fired Comey in July or August for sheer incompetence you can be sure an Independent Counsel would be on the job right now. To be sure that then the Dems thought Comey was a dud but they thought he was their dud so no Independent Counsel was required. Then.

  3. As predicted my Lefty FB “friends” are in full meltdown. One dude was outraged that Trump had said that he liked Comey some months ago and how could he fire someone he liked? Do you know ho he could? Trump is a lying liar liar of liars!!!!! Good grief.

  4. Comey can go share a house with the butcher in Oregon who saw the trigger pulled on Finnicum 9 times, and Lon Horiuchi. Hopefully, wherever he moves he’ll be dogged as the little G-Man who couldn’t.

  5. Comey should be glad that he wasn’t head coach at USC when he was fired. They left Lane Kiffin behind at the airport of the away game after they fired him! Comey got a ride to the airport and a private plane.

  6. Now that he’s been fired, here’s a list of things former FBI director James Comey can do to occupy his time

    Prank call Donald Rumsfeld.

    Investigate the pizza delivery person who keeps pissing on his lawn.

    Find Jesus.

    Write a sexy bromance book about his love for crossdresser J. Edgar Hoover.

    Masturbate obsessively

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