I long for the days before political correctness when…


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  1. Anybody for a rousing game of cowboys and injuns, cops and robbers, red rover, tug of war, dodge ball etc. I wish these miserable pissants would just go away and leave the kids alone. You know they don’t like these kinds of games cuz they were always the ones either left out or picked last cuz nobody wanted to play with them and so this is how they exact revenge for being left out. Nobody’s allowed to play cuz some poor kid is left out and it’s not fair. Boo effin hoo, leave the kids alone.

  2. “… ones either left out or picked last …”
    They always smelled bad from playing with poop.
    And they were spastic.
    No hand-eye coordination.
    And lazy.
    Rather play with poop than field a grounder.
    Never closed their mouths, so they were always fighting pecker gnats.

    Answer to every insult was: “Oh yeah!? Well, you’re one too!”

    Whoda thought one would grow up to be Preznit?

  3. Pecker gnats, really. That’s a new one on me. Are pecker gnats like no see ums, the little bugs that you don’t see until you start to itch uncontrollably or swallow a mouth full of them?

  4. I had a Mattel chrome plated white metal cap “revolver” (Colt Peacemaker) with plastic basket weave holster/belt. It was awesome. My brother had the Chuck Connor’s “Cowboy in Africa” lever action Winchester (with ‘ricochet’ sound effect)…

    That was back when kids could be kids.

    Then Vietnam happened and they pulled the toy guns from the shelves at WT Grants, ‘…cause we weren’t going to practice war no more…..’

    Bolsheviks suck.

  5. The vast number of the core Lefty contingent were the last picked for sports, the not so clever with a rejoinder, and the perpetually undatables.

    It’s why they resort to “equal” symbol bumper stickers on the ends of their Toyota Priupi.

    They can’t cut the mustard without Uncle Sugar leveling the playing field, i.e., knocking us down a few notches. It’s why the word “fair” looms so largely in their worldview.

    It seems sort of cute and pathetic until you see it writ large and the mass killings start.

  6. Yep back when mankind could go coon hunting, call a spade a spade, chink logs, smoke a fag, injun up a slope, laugh at a girly-man, call a deadbeat a deadbeat, a whore a whore, and yes, tell idiots that they are a waste of the air they breathe and they rate above mice in the walls by virtue of the change in their pockets.

  7. Back when I was a kid, we had cap guns, rifles, BB Guns, Bows and Arrows (play), rubber Bowie knives, Bazookas, Army soldiers and used to play Cowboys and Indians, War, Cops and Robbers, King of the Hill, Buckeye wars, etc.
    Nobody got hurt (unless you fell the wrong way getting shot) and we all had good fun… and manners.
    Now, Political Correctness has replaced manners and all that “nasty stuff” has been taken and left us with:
    Midnight basketball, kids doing drugs, Kids having kids, kids maiming kids and kids killing kids and everybody gets to be a Victim!
    Boy, that sure worked out well didn’t it?

  8. Didn’t the G-Man Gordon Liddy write a book titled, “When I Was a Kid This Was a Free Country” ? He is correct. It’s not free any more.

    The state of things today makes a mockery of – Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Perhaps the lack of bravery is why it’s no longer the land of the free. Or maybe it’s just a whole lot of ignorance going on here.

  9. I arrived on this earth in 1954. All of our fathers worked in refineries or chemical plants and they were all WWII veterans. As kids, we played “army” all the time and we were either killing the damn Japs or the bastard Krauts. We showed the little yellow devils no mercy and killed every last Nazi to the very last one. We knew instinctively that those evil bastards deserved to be killed and that it was the only way to handle crazy-ass people like the Japs and Krauts. We gave them what blood-thirsty savages deserved because we knew if we didn’t, they would be back to do their evil again. If we don’t handle the new threat that the Muzzies pose to civil society the way we handled the Japs and Nazis, were finished.

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