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I think people who change tradition are narcissists who get a sense of power from being a dip$hit

This story is not about baseball.

Baseball is moving second base 13.5 inches closer to home plate.

Why? Because some people don’t feel as if they are alive unless they are screwing with tradition.

See the diagram below?

Notice that the 90˚ angle at 2nd base is in the middle of the bag? Some dipshits have found an opening to “do something, anything” which will give them a self-satisfied feeling that they’ve made their mark.

They don’t care that this will change the record books. Obviously, if you make the bag closer for the runners they will get there more successfully. Statistics for offensive players will improve.

But a writer for CBS, Matt Snyder, made me wince with this nugget of stupidity –

“moving second base really only has the benefit of likely creating more action on the bases (more stolen bases, more attempts to stretch singles into doubles, closer plays at second on force-outs, etc.)” 

The part about more stolen bases is not correct. The advantage to the runner is offset by the catchers being closer to the bag as well.

I agree that it’s an advantage for doubles and triples, and for circling the bases in general. The runner is closer to second base, and the outfielders are further. It could have a slight impact. But the genuinely idiotic part is when he says the change will result in “closer plays at second on force-outs.”

Why would the plays be “closer” than previously?

This reminds me of a story attributed to Ron Blomberg, the Yankee’s first baseman and MLB’s first Designated Hitter. He purportedly said he had an idea for getting rid of those bang-bang plays at first base that the umpires have trouble with – move the bag up about a foot.

Whether he was joking, serious, or if he said it at all, it doesn’t matter. It illustrates perfectly the idiocy of the CBS Sports writer’s thinking.

Maybe I’m a dipshit and feel as if I’m not alive unless I can point out illogical thinking?

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  1. Why do we need this BS? Baseball is baseball. It is not a never-ending, high-speed game. Players stand in a position 60′ 6″ from someone who is throwing a solid object at them at 90+ mph and that player has to swing a stick and try to hit that object.
    Yes, I did play baseball as a youth, so I understand the above is not a complete description. IT DOESN’T MATTER.
    Players are paid a lot of money to swing that stick, throw that ball, catch that ball. If I could make that much bank, I would play for a year or two and retire, comfortably, and never ask the rules committee to make any changes.
    Hwy Roger, we want you to stand in right field and make a couple of catches for a couple of $million for a year. Are you up for that? We won’t even move second base a few inches.

    Where do I sign?

  2. earlier this morning, I read that they are going to do away with the chains used for measuring for first downs in football. They’re going to replace that with a chip in the ball and use GPS. At least I think it was a true story.
    that ain’t progress

  3. The link sent me somewhere, but not to an article about the issue.
    Did anyone research as to why the diagram was that way originally – the lines going to the center of the bag? Maybe there was a specific reason to do that and not some random error. I’m sure that the past 100+ years prior to today this was observed and discussed.

  4. The dimensions are fine the way they are. Move first base forward a few inches then everyone gets thrown out on those close plays at first. Move it back a few inches and everyone is safe on those bang-bang plays. IF you don”t like it, Matt, go watch cricket you sissy fag.

  5. Jethro – the was a reason to use the center of the bases – consistency. If everything is the same, teams could not complain that a home team was placing the bases to improve their chances, It doesn’t matter that both teams get the same benefit. It is just an excuse for overpaid people to have better stats.

  6. And then they can move second base back when we go off daylight savings time….This also coincides with the extra inning rule about putting a runner on second base?????

  7. “I think people who change tradition are narcissists who get a sense of power from being a dip$hit ”

    Like the Jack Asses that keep trying to change our Constitution by claiming it’s a living document.

  8. I know this isn’t a good idea, but- how about the batter can run around the bases either way he chooses. There could not be 2 runners on the same base at the same time. And if you can hit a runner with the ball, he is out.
    yeah, I know. We used to play volleyball with a sheet for a net, and a keg of beer on each side.

  9. We’re dealing with the children in the store crying and throwing a fit because they wanted a toy. Mom or Dad just went ahead and bought if for them because it was easier than telling them no.

  10. Not a rocket scientist but won’t a runner who is running at full throttle and rounding first base have farther to go to second if you move the base in?

  11. I’m in Favour.
    Make it a 3 stage Ball game, with time in between to do minor repairs in the pits and everyone’s points get reset for “The Chase”.

    Also they should run on Corn Based Ethanol for the Environment.

  12. baseball really lost me w/ the DH. baseball was timeless because it had established rules that everyone had to play by (theoretically) … the rules were the same, generation to generation.

    the DH padded so many player’s stats, it made a mockery of tradition.
    think about it … how many more years could guys like Mickey Mantle play if they didn’t have to play in the field anymore? … thus padding his home run, rbi stats … yeah, I’m thinking of you, Big Crappy

    now, everyone wants more offense, no matter what. foozeball is now the equivalent of bassa’ball … just toon in for the last couple of minutes if you want to see all the action (btw, how many foozeball playoff games are now being decided in OT? … who controls the game? … think about it)

  13. Are they going to change the infield fly rule?
    It seems to me that the catchers must have weak arms to move the base in.
    The distance from 1st to 2nd is the same but from home to 2nd is shorter. The plays at 2nd from 3rd and the catcher helps the field players.
    Leave it alone.


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