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I Want What She is Taking

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  1. Can you imagine being locked in a room with her, and she is on some sort of hallucinogenic, and she is suddenly enlightened to some sort of high concept that requires her to explain it to you? Well, that might be going on everyday with her.

  2. She needs some adenoid work done.

    Why would anyone voluntarily go to listen to her blather about nothing?!

    I would happily muck out a large barn full of horses rather than listen to her.

  3. Illustr8r, I think she thinks she is making sense. She has been through a few speech writers, but it’s always the same circular gibberish. There is no way, according to chance, that they are all equally retarded.

    But at some point we have to explain Dylan Mulvaney. And Disney. And other corporations that choke on bags of dicks, and just keep wanting more. Like the DNC. It is hard to imagine so many retarded shitbags on the face of the earth… but every day we look at the news and see more retarded shitbags. Every day we get into our automobiles we see more retarded shitbags. Everywhere we go there are more retarded shitbags.

  4. Weed Confucius SAY… “We couldn’t find it because it wasn’t where we were looking for it!”

    Like, you know, that is erudite and shit.

  5. Can you imagine the answer you’d get if you asked her directions to ANYWHERE?

    She talks like FAMILY GUY’s Billy on a path to the restroom: convoluted, with many tangent directions, stops and greater distance than a straight path.

    You don’t want to send Kamala for the snake bite kit; (That goes for any leftist testifying before Congress) you’d die before they get back.

  6. Laugh and ridicule at your peril. She will very likely be President in 2025 in a bait and switch deal. Her coterie of sycophants is even more radically ideological than Joe’s.

  7. She has a constituency that understands and agrees with her – Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z. They’ve all been miseducated in socialist public schools and too stupid to know she’s speaking jibberish.


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