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ICE Dangerously Overloaded By Criminal Illegals

Overwhelmed by the flood of criminal illegal alien, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is “doing a miserable job” of tracking and holding “hardcore criminals” reports the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General.

“One ICE agent cited in the report said this: ‘You might work 18 hours a day, but you still won’t get caught up.'”


But it’s racist to even suggest that there are dangerous criminals among the many here without invitation.




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  1. simplify the process. Make a public announcement that all illegals must be out of the country by a certain point then it’s open season. Pay a small bounty, say 25 bucks a head, then step back. As a 9mm round cost about 35 cents so it’s cost effective too. any politician that want’s to get between a bounty hunter and his prey gets shot too. a twofer, if you will.

  2. Arrest and put some employers of illegals in jail and the dust stirred up by the departing vermin will be seen for hundreds of miles!

  3. From the linked article: “Inspectors visited four key field offices and determined that the management deficiencies and unresolved obstacles make it difficult for the feds to deport aliens expeditiously.” Looks like the nut of the problem; management under the obama regime. Get rid of the roadblocks.

  4. For goodness sake, Posse Comitatus. Not the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.

    It’s the National Guard you want, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and the Air National Guard.

    Where are all the governors calling out the Guard?

  5. Too many arrested illegals? Easy peasy solution.
    Get Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s tent city prison, set it up on an abandoned (Federal) military base (BRAC closure). The new Maricopa County sheriff doesn’t want it.
    You may even get Sheriff Joe (retired) to run it for you. On time and under budget. Men, women, and chillens. Pink undies, baloney sammiches, and road gangs. Who could ask for more? Watch the dust of the stampede to the Mexican border.

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