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ICE tells off idiot pol

What’s this bint’s name, Harridan?

Oh, Carrigan.

2 things I’m more than sick of-

  1. Idiots that conflate legal and illegal immigration
  2. The claim that Mexicans have to come HERE to flee violence. Are there not any areas of Mexico that aren’t violent?

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  1. So her argument is, “Do you know how difficult it is to circumvent the law of the land?”


  2. Our immigration was ALWAYS based on REFUSING those who were likely to become public burdens. ALWAYS.

    The first test was the immigrant had to be able to pay for the voyage over – which wasn’t cheap and took as long as 3 months. That’s a lot of food they had to be able to bring for themselves.

    Secondly, ships captains were expected to refuse those passengers who looked unlikely to be self supporting. NYC required a $300 bond from captains who brought in suspect people. The bond was returned after 3 years if they didn’t become a burden on the public.

    All immigrants were required to have a sponsor who would take financial obligation for them. Their names and addresses were recorded in the passenger manifests at Ellis Island.

    In 1917 stricter immigration laws were passed that required literacy in the native language IN ADDITION TO an established US sponsor. In 1924 even stricter regulations were put in place restricting immigration to a select few from a select few nations.

    People who were thought to be sick or not good candidates were regularly turned back and denied entry at Ellis Island.

    The left is trying to write their own history.

    The US has ALWAYS been selective in who they let in.

  3. That bitch Soledad O’brien has a laughable show called “Matter Of Fact.”
    They air the hell out of that show where I live.
    Anyway, she was doing the same bullshit by saying “there is a lot of anger about immigration these days.”
    Bitch NEVER say’s the correct term: ILLEGAL!

    Matter Of Bias
    Matter Of Liberal Talking Points
    Matter Of Fake Bullshit News

    There Sol, fixed it for you. 🙁

  4. The best solution for illegal immigrant invaders…..

    Would you believe Hungary…..???

    The absolute best way to build and utilize a “Wall” on our southern border….

    The gist of the story……build the wall…..a specific distance inside our borders (100 feet or yards)……catch the illegals…..release them into detention….outside the wall…..but they’re technically inside our country……


  5. “…that is not the complete facts…there are many of lots of good immigrants…”

    I think maybe your translation she is not so good.


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