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Icebreaking ship is stuck in ice

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The Chinese icebreaker which helped transport passengers away from a stranded Antarctic ship has itself become stuck in ice

The Chinese icebreaker which helped transport passengers away from a stranded Antarctic ship has itself become stuck in ice

A ship which was used to rescue by helicopter 52 people from a trapped Antarctic ship has now found itself in need of rescue – after it got stuck in heavy ice.

Having not moved for several days while preparing to airlift the passengers, the Chinese-owned Snow Dragon is now wedged in ice.

The ship was used as a launch pad to pick up the passengers on Thursday, after they had spent nine days stranded. Their ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, became wedged in ice on Christmas Eve as it was heading towards Antarctica.



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  1. Freaken Chinese. The problem is obvious. It Xue Long! It can’t turn around.

  2. I bet the menus have changed. They’ll soon be begging to go back to the original cruise ship to get away from the canned rat with broccoli.

  3. And remember folks, all this ice in summer is the result of Globull Warming! HA!

  4. SNAFU by Leftist. CHICOM called in to repair. SNAFU by CHICOM. US military will be next to be called in to rescue everyones ass. USA soon to be called assholes and oppressors by the rest of the world. FUBAR

  5. If you believe in global warming you are trying to pass yourself off as a male like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

  6. If you believe in global warming you are trying to pass yourself off as a female like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.


    The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

    Wifey and I listened to it during a road trip. Makes me cold just to think about it.

  8. Huh! Not even the Telegraph makes note of these idiots “mission.”

    Must be a limit on ridicule and mockery in case of 100% buffoonery like this passel of whack jobs showed.

    I would have checked their credit rating before undertaking such a dangerous rescue, and chances are left to me they’d now be happy, green icicles.

    As it is, who is paying the Chinese for their time and equipment? And just who is going to cover the probable loss of the Rooski ship?

    Personally, I think I’d rather owe money to the Mafia than those bad actors.

  9. OK so here is a non-PC joke vaguely on topic.

    Tom has a home improvement business and he starts out the day assigning tasks to his three workers: Joe, Bill, and Mr. Wong (who is new today).

    Tom: “OK – Bill you finish up on the upstairs bathroom tile, Joe – you work on the kitchen counters, and Mr. Wong – you work on organizing the supplies so you get the idea of how we work”

    So – off Tom goes to work on another project and returns later in the day… and he cannot find Mr. Wong.

    Tom: “Hey guys, where is Mr. Wong?”

    Bill and Joe: “Not our turn to watch him…”

    So Tom is upset as he thinks Mr. Wong has walked off the job. He goes upstairs to check on the next day’s projects and opens the door to one of the bedrooms.

    Mr. Wong jumps out of the closet and yells:


  10. This from one Alvin Stone, the Jay Carney for ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, University of New South Wales, the parent & funding source for this ship of fools expedition responding to “furious remarks and commentary from those who question climate warming“ – Wrongfully so, Alvin Stone claimed upon inquiry on Thursday. “Moreover, indications are that it is precisely climate warming that led to the vessel’s awkward predicament. This is the ice in which the Shokalskiy got caught, so-called fast ice which had broken off from the continent years earlier, said Stone; moreover measurements show that there has been a decrease of precisely this kind of fast ice in the Antarctic – this in contrast to so-called sea ice that is created by the freezing of water around the continent.”

  11. Two legged, I’ve also heard that joke as a Polack joke with two Polacks and a Chinaman working in a silver mine in N. Idaho. Same ending, supplies. Still funny though.

  12. “Icebreaking ship is stuck in ice”




  13. Maybe if everyone sat around the bow and started playing icebreaker games, that might help. 😀

  14. Don’t expect the USS Cap & Trade Scam getting stuck in record SUMMER Antarctic ice to snap any hive minded PROG out of his stupor.

  15. Eleanor, what in Hell are we going to do when this place freezes over? No one will be able to rescue us. 🙁

  16. Not to worry, Franklin, that’ll never happen; there’ll never again be another Republican President in America. 😉

  17. People need to give up their cars, airconditioning, heating, and other luxuries to stop climate change. Save the polar bears and bless Al Gore.

  18. Are they sitting around in their flannel jammies drinking hot chocolate, waiting to be rescued, and discussing obamacare?

  19. Do you deniers need any more proof that Global Warming is real?

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