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Iceland: Get Out

Iceland Reverses Course Freezes Out Rush of Venezuelan Migrants.

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  1. I can just see some lefty looking around at Iceland’s majestic beauty and saying, “what we really need here is a spate of neck tattooed beaners to rape our women and drain our resources.”

  2. We’ve got oodles of Venezuelans “migrants” in Texas. They’re basically biological warfare. Many are the absolute scum of the Earth. But they’ll happily vote democrat if given the chance; so here we are.

  3. I harp on this to my friends who have
    womens in their family from 9 months
    to 99 years= It is to the point where
    no womens should go out alone in public
    and night time ? forget it!

  4. From the link: That people should get out of the country or else risk being forced out on the street, without any assistance nor access to basic service.”

    Access to basic service. AKA, transfer their entire financial burden for living here to the taxpayers. Which is exactly what is happening here.


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