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Biden Administration, Democrats and the Left Summed Up in One Appointment

White House condemns Libs of TikTok ...

White House promotes Biden official who compared police to slave patrols, wants to abolish ICE

Tyler Cherry is now serving as the associate communications director at the White House

A former Interior Department communications director in the Biden administration has been hired in a new role and will be working on communications inside the Biden White House, despite sparking controversy last year over social media posts attacking police, criticizing Republicans and supporting the anti-Israel movement.


How in the world can any Democrat, even if they were gay, defend their party??

I laugh when we have our trolls show up here and disparage the right. THIS is what they are fighting for.


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  1. ^ Trump can’t do it all, and, in fact, can hardly do ANY OF IT! Our demise and its correction is a work-in-progress spanning multiple generations. And during this time, there’s no guarantee that our civilization doen’t just “go poof,” for multiple reasons.

  2. From what I’ve read on Cherry, he ticks off all the ideological hot takes for the left.

    It’ll be interesting watching Biden try to move to the center for the general election with a person like this working on his comms. They needed to bring in a moderate not a flaming fire brand.

    Oh, well “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake,” as they say.

  3. Jethro

    I’m not so sure. Things have changed since we were young. The sick and twisted are celebrated. They’re now the cool kids. He was probably the most popular kid in school.

  4. Jethro, exactly. Most men who are queers suffer some kind of sexual abuse. From the looks of this pitiful freak he was “turned” at a very young age.
    Only God in His grace and mercy can help a guy this far gone …if it’s not already too late. Still there may be hope.
    This freak definitely has no business in any position of influence. He’s a demonic disaster.

  5. All 0bama and his handlers. Biden is just the figurehead. Worst, no part of government is making any noise toward resistance. With the depths of depravity demonstrated by the cabal this lack of objection can only signal agreement and likely enthusiastic acceptance.

    We normal people are in a serious fix and it is time and past that we stand up against the degenerates.

  6. When I joined the military, faggots were quickly identified, sequestered to a faggots-only barracks and guarded around the clock until they could be officially out-processed from the service, usually about three days.


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